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Delicious Butter Garlic Mushrooms in Stahl Artisan Frypan

The most hassle-free recipe that you will try today

Tasty Recipes you can Prepare in a Triply Kadhai

  Tasty Recipes you can Prepare in a Triply Kadhai Kadhai is one of the most essential cookware in any kitchen, be it a professional setting (Rest...

Quick & Easy Stovetop Chocolate Cake in Stahl Hybrid Frypan

Now, you have no reason to not make a cake at home. This recipe doesn’t require any fancy ingredients or equipment, so try this out today!

Creamy Mushroom Crepes in Stahl Hybrid Frypan

These are pretty easy to make, cause Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya keeps it simple and makes it in her Stahl Hybrid Frypan!

Ukadiche Modak in Cook & Serve Saucepot & Stahl Versatil Pressure Cooker

Ukadiche Modak is a melt in mouth sweet dumpling made by steaming rice flour dough filled with coconut & jaggery.

Delicious Eggless Churros in Stahl Artisan Saucepan & Stahl NevrStick Kadhai

We are truly obsessed with Churros, and they are one of our most favourite desserts to have!

Quick & Easy Vegetable Dum Biryani in Stahl Versatil Pressure Cooker

Let's celebrate the occasion of India's 76th Independence Day with the most delicious Vegetable Dum Biryani.

Healthy Rice Podi in Stahl Hybrid Frypan

This is a full meal by itself. All you need is podi, rice, and ghee. If you haven’t tried it yet, trust us and try it today!

Quick 20-Min Pizza in Stahl Hybrid Frypan

Our 20-min Pizza Recipe - The dough is made with only 2 ingredients!

Creamy Italian Rice with Crispy Garlic Crumbs in Stahl Artisan Cookware

The creamiest recipe to make at home! Here's a meal recipe that is so rich in flavour

High Protein Dosa (Dal Chilla) in Stahl NevrStick Tawa

This high protein dosa is a simple no-fermentation dosa recipe that has the goodness of six dals! It's instant and easy to make.

Healthy Quinoa Khichri in Stahl Xpress Cooker

Khichri is our absolute favourite! And this recipe is so so good if you wish to lose weight. And it’s absolutely YUMMM!