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Dosa Tawa - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series
  • Rs. 3,380.00
  • From Rs. 2,849.00 15% OFF


Roti Tawa - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series
  • Rs. 2,880.00
  • Rs. 2,449.00 14% OFF


Non Stick Tawa - Triply Artisan Nevrstick Series
  • Rs. 3,080.00
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Personalize your Tawa

Engrave your name on your Tawa if you are someone who takes pride in cooking and food. There’s beauty and grace in personalized cookware - a gift that can add value for generations to come.

Hear From Our Customers

I have checked all brands as I want to buy a very good quality dosa tawa keeping the quality in mind as the coating should not affect our health..I came across Stahl tawa and check the quality and features and bought 32cm tawa..it really turned amazing and upto.the mark.

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Neelam Bagwe

It's good quality, reliable and seems long lasting.

Customer image

Dhirubhai G

It’s a heavy steel pan and also nonstick. Made oats dosa without oil/ghee/butter and it turned out absolutely perfect.This is my 3rd Stahl product and it’s always been worth it 

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I own a 24cm pan, there're very few brands in India which provide a lid with a skillet. Hence I'm glad I made this purchase.They're excellent quality, well made (specially handles), no hot spots, easy to clean (dishwasher safe), will last you a lifetime. Best part is, it's proudly made in INDIA.Caution: cook on medium/low flame for best result. 

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Shubhashini Shetty

Buy Non Stick Triply Tawa at Stahl Kitchens

Tawa, a classic Indian cooking pan, is ideal for preparing flatbreads like roti, paratha, and dosa. Its flat, round surface with slightly elevated rims ensures even heat distribution and makes flipping food effortless, allowing for various cooking techniques, including toasting and searing.

Best Kitchen Tawas available on Stahl Kitchens

Product Feature
Dosa Tawa - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series
  • Best dosa tawa which is stick resistant
  • Works on induction as well as stove
  • Long lasting German coating with HexaRidge technology
  • 100% PFOA free
Roti Tawa - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series
  • Made from thick and durable stainless steel
  • Stick resistant roti tawa
  • Suitable for metal spoons
  • Dishwasher-safe तवा

Different Types of Tawa

  • Stainless Steel Tawa: These tawas are easy to clean, long-lasting, and non-reactive. They work well with a variety of cooking methods and have good heat conductivity.
  • Non-Stick Tawa: These tawas are ideal for cooking without using a lot of oil or butter. A non stick tawa has a unique coating that prevents food from sticking to the surface.
  • Cast Iron Tawa: They are renowned for having excellent heat distribution and retention capabilities. It is the perfect kitchen tawa for preparing fluffy rotis and crispy dosas. With constant seasoning, the surface becomes non-sticky.

Facts to consider before buying a Tawa (तवा)

  • Material: Take into account the tawa's material according to your cooking requirements and preferences. A cast iron तवा has superior heat retention, whereas stainless steel tawas are more adaptable and long-lasting. You can also get non-stick cookware, which are more convenient for cooking with minimal fat.
  • Size and Thickness: Select a तवा whose dimensions best meet your cooking needs. A thicker tawa will heat more evenly and eliminate hot spots. Meanwhile, larger size pans are perfect for creating numerous rotis or dosas at once.
  • Comfort and Design of the Handle: Choose a tawa with a strong, heat resistant, ergonomic handle that is firmly fixed to the cooking surface. A long handle is ideal for flipping the food.
  • Durability and Longevity: Make an investment in a long-lasting, premium tawa. Stainless steel tawas are well renowned for their sturdiness. This type of tawa online can tolerate high temperatures and repeated use without corroding or warping.
  • Heat Conductivity and Distribution: To guarantee consistent cooking, take into account the heat conductivity and distribution of the tawa material. This is where triply stainless steel tawas are the most preferred for fast and even cooking while using less oil.

Best Selling Tawa on our Website

The Stahl Artisan Hybrid Tawa, an optimal option for making dosas, is our best-selling product in this category. Featuring German HexaRidge technology, this tawa boasts a honeycomb Greblon coating. Its elevated ridges prevent the spatula from touching the nonstick surface, extending its lifespan by five times compared to other coated tawas.

You can fearlessly use metal spatulas or even knives on it. Its triply material makes it suitable for both induction and stovetop use. Meticulously crafted, it is the best dosa tawa with an exceptional feel, refined finish, and efficient heat distribution.

Tawa Price Table

Product Price
Dosa Tawa - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series ₹ 2,873.00
Roti Tawa - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series ₹ 2,448.00

Features of the Tawa

  • Handles: The stainless steel handles are installed to support heat resistant ergonomic handling.
  • Omni-Heat: Rapid, even heat distribution for speedy, healthful cooking without hotspots.
  • Triply Advantage: This tawa is crafted from premium stainless steel.
  • Warranty: The cookware is covered for three years, and the coating is covered for two years.
  • Reactive Surface: The tawa is completely free of PFOA and residue.
  • Induction Friendly: An induction cooktop can be used with this.
  • Dishwasher safe: A dishwasher can be used to clean this product.

Reasons to Buy Tawa at Stahl

Stahl is the best non stick tawa online shopping destination. Wondering why you should order from us? Here are your reasons:

  • Quality Assurance: Our tawas are meticulously crafted and composed of premium materials. If you buy non stick tawa from us, long-lasting and superior performance is guaranteed.
  • Vast Selection of Options: Stahl offers a wide range of tawas with various sizes in stick resistant stainless steel tawas for all your cooking needs
  • Competitive Rates: We offer inexpensive options for home chefs wishing to modernize their kitchenware without going over budget. Check out the tawa price on our website and make your pick.

Remember that Stahl is a trusted one-stop destination for premium cookware. Whether you want a Saucepan, kadhai, or cooker, you will find it all in our collection.

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Que : Which tawa is best for daily use?

Ans : The type of tawa you choose for everyday use depends on your preferences and cooking routines. Stainless steel tawas are strong, don't react with food, and can handle many different cooking methods. Non-stick tawas are good for cooking things like eggs, pancakes, and Indian flatbread (dosas) because they don't stick. So, they are a handy choice for quick and simple meals.

Que : Which tawa is easy to clean?

Ans : Cleaning non-stick tawas is generally more convenient. They have a special coating that prevents food from sticking to the surface. After each use, simply wipe the tawa with a soft sponge or cloth to eliminate any leftover debris. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers or harsh detergents to make your cookware last longer.

Que : How many types of tawas are there?

Ans : If you are planning to buy a tawa online from Stahl, you will come across two variants. Choose from our collection of stick resistant stainless steel roti and dosa tawa according to your cooking needs and personal preferences.

Que : Which is the best material for a tawa?

Ans : Every tawa material offers different benefits. Stainless steel is known for durability, and cast iron for its heat retention. Meanwhile, non-stick tawas allow you to cook dosas and rotis with less oil because of the special surface coating.

Que : Why is Nonstick tawa better?

Ans : Non-stick tawas are handy for making food without them sticking. So, they are perfect for fast and effortless meals. You can use them for making crispy dosas and fluffy rotis.

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