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Frypan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series
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Grill Pan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series
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Frypan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series
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Blacksmith Hybrid Cast Iron Frypan

Cast iron frypan is one of the most preferred cookware for different cooking methods, such as shallow frying, deep frying, sautéing, etc. Also called cast iron skillet, the cast iron frying pan comes in handy for smaller portions too, especially when stir frying or frying something as simple as an egg. No kitchen, thus, is complete without the frypan. 

At Stahl, we constantly work on creating innovative cookware that makes cooking enjoyable for food connoisseurs, from chefs to home cooks. We therefore went ahead and innovated the traditional cast iron frying pan to make our very first lightweight cast iron frypan – the Blacksmith Hybrid Frypan!

This frying pan is unlike the traditional cast iron frypan in several ways. Let’s take a look at how it is not like your usual iron skillet.


Blacksmith Hybrid Cast Iron Frypan

  1. Lightweight – The Blacksmith Hybrid Frypan is designed to be up to 50% lighter than the traditional cast iron frypan, which is easier to cook with.
  2. Stainless Steel Handle – Our frypan comes with an ergonomically designed stainless steel handle that does not heat as much and allows you to handle the cookware with ease.
  3. Rust-Proof – The frypan undergoes high temperature enamel treatment that makes it rust-proof and therefore does not require seasoning after every use.
  4. High Heat Retention –  Frypan offers high heat retention and even heat distribution, so that your food cooks consistently and perfectly every single time.
  5. Uses Less Oil – The enamel treatment also makes the frypan stick-resistant, so you can cook  anything in less oil without worrying that it will stick to the surface and get burnt.
  6. Easy to Clean & Maintain – Unlike traditional cast iron frypan, it is very easy to clean the Blacksmith Hybrid Frypan. It only takes some mild soapy water and a soft sponge and your frypan will be sparkly clean.
  7. Durable – Although the frypan weighs way less than the usual iron skillet, it is durable and can last for generations.
  8. Induction Friendly – The Blacksmith Hybrid Frypan can be used safely on induction tops.
  9. OTG-Safe – The frypan is safe to use in the OTG too (up to 250 ˚ C). It is a great cookware for all those baked recipes you wanted to make.


Cast Iron Frypan Price

Our cast iron frypans are available in various  sizes and prices.The pricing starts from Rs. 3180/- and goes up to Rs. 3980/-, depending on the size you choose.

Buy Cast Iron Frypan

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the Blacksmith Hybrid cast iron frypan also has an aesthetic appeal that makes it a great cookware to serve in. Click here to buy your cast iron frypan now. 


  1. What is the frypan used for?

The Blacksmith Hybrid frypan can be used for shallow frying, deep frying, sautéing, stir frying, and baking. It is compatible with all types of cooktops,  induction , and can be safely used in the OTG up to 250 ˚ C.

  1. Which size of frypan should I buy?

We have frypans in three different sizes - 20 cm, 24 cm, and 28 cm. The 20 cm pan serves approximately 1-2 people, 24 cm pan serves around 3-4 people, and the 28 cm frypan serves around 4-5 people. Click here to buy cast iron frypan online in the size that suits your kitchen needs.