It's the Details that Make the Difference!

A hot cup of masala chai in the rains. A warm bowl of your favorite soup in the winter. A  jarful of homemade jam in the summer. All of these dishes need an excellent casserole or saucepan. 

Stahl has designed saucepans and casserole in an intuitive way so that you don't need to invent your own kitchen hacks to get the most out of them!

Use Less Oil and Clean Easy

Easy to cook in and and a breeze to clean, Stahl's saucepans and casseroles are made of the highest quality of triply stainless steel.

The casserole sports a heat proof handle and the saucepan has been fitted with custom-made investment-cast handles that stay cooler for long. 

A Smooth Pour! 

Don't go spilling that delicious chai with poorly curved edges! Stahl's saucepan has been specially designed for a smooth, spill-proof pour. 

An eye for perfection is why Stahl is one of the fastest growing triply stainless steel cookware manufacturers in India! 

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Stahl - Sauce Pot / Casserole - Artisan Series (Triply)
  • Rs. 2,780.00
  • From Rs. 2,220.00 20% OFF


Stahl - Sauce Pan - Artisan Series (Triply)
  • Rs. 2,780.00
  • From Rs. 2,220.00 20% OFF
Artisan Mikro Saucepan
  • From Rs. 1,480.00