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Select from a variety of shapes and sizes

Select From Four Different Varieties of Casseroles and two types of Saucepans in a number of sizes to suit your home and cooking needs.

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Artisan Tadka Pan
  • Rs. 880.00
  • From Rs. 749.00 14% OFF


Steel Sauce Pan - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 2,780.00
  • From Rs. 2,349.00 15% OFF


Belly Sauce Pan - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,080.00
  • From Rs. 2,599.00 15% OFF


Artisan Mikro Saucepan
  • Rs. 1,380.00
  • From Rs. 1,149.00 16% OFF


Steel Tope - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 1,680.00
  • From Rs. 1,449.00 13% OFF


Saute Pan - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,480.00
  • Rs. 2,949.00 15% OFF


Cook & Serve Saucepot/Casserole - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,480.00
  • From Rs. 2,949.00 15% OFF


Belly Sauce Pot / Casserole - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,380.00
  • From Rs. 2,849.00 15% OFF


Steel Sauce Pot / Casserole - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 2,780.00
  • From Rs. 2,349.00 15% OFF


Buy Stahl Kitchens Triply Stainless Steel Saucepan

A sauce pan is a versatile cooking vessel with a circular base, shallow depth, and a single extended grip. Its high, perpendicular edges make it ideal for preparing liquids, such as tea, coffee, soups and stews. Unlike frying pans, saucepans feature taller sides but remain narrower than stockpots. Moreover, their handles are longer than those of stockpots.

What is the use of Saucepans?

Saucepans are essential kitchenware for preparing liquids. Their shallow design makes them excellent for thickening sauces and cooking dishes like stews and soups.

A saucepan is highly efficient at boiling liquids for faster cooking of pasta, rice, and noodles.

In Indian households, a saucepan is integral for preparing tea.

A saucepan that can be used on various heat sources offers greater versatility. It allows for braising, a cooking technique that combines searing in an open pan followed by simmering until the food becomes tender.

A saucepan is also ideal for deep frying. You can also use it for poaching, a cooking method that requires immersing food in hot liquid. A saucepan is useful for poaching items like eggs and pears.

Different Saucepan Available Online

Product Overview Material Size/ Capacity
Steel Sauce Pan - Triply Artisan Series

The Artisan Saucepan is meticulously crafted with an exceptional finish and feel, providing both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Its triply construction guarantees an even heat distribution across the entire surface, eliminating hotspots and burn risks. Ideal for various culinary tasks, from brewing tea to serving gravies, this saucepan boasts a food-grade stainless steel construction, making it safe for cooking. Its non-reactive material and convenient pouring design ensure a seamless and enjoyable cooking experience.

Stainless steel Available in four sizes
Belly Sauce Pan - Triply Artisan Series

The Artisan Belly Saucepan features a unique and visually captivating shape. The Belly shape is not just aesthetically pleasing, it also enhances the saucepan's functionality. Made of durable steel, this versatile cookware can handle a wide range of tasks, from preparing your morning tea to creating hearty soups, flavorful gravies, and even indulgent jams and marmalades.

Stainless steel Available in two sizes
Artisan Mikro Saucepan

The Artisan Mikro Saucepan combines functionality and aesthetics. Designed to impress in both kitchen and dining settings, this single serve saucepan features high-grade stainless steel construction for durability and safety. Its versatile size makes it suitable for small portions, while its stylish design allows for seamless transitions from cooking to serving. Whether you're preparing dips, sauces, or individual meals, this triply saucepan provides a non-reactive and stylish cooking experience.

Stainless steel Available in two sizes

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Best Selling Saucepans at Stahl Kitchens

If you want to buy Stainless Steel Saucepan, Stahl should be your ultimate destination with an enticing collection. We are one of the most recognized brands to offer high-quality cookware for an incredible culinary experience. Among the different variants available, the best-selling option is the Stainless Steel Saucepan. Sauce Pan from the Triply Artisan Series.

Features of the "best selling Saucepan"

The top features of our best quality saucepan include the following:

  • Ergonomic and stay cool handles to hold the saucepan conveniently
  • High-utility stainless steel lid
  • Oven-safe saucepan online
  • Fast and uniform heat distribution
  • Stainless steel saucepan with spill-proof edges
  • Induction-friendly saucepan
  • Dishwasher-safe sauce pans

How does a Saucepan differ from other pans?

Wondering why you need to get a सॉस पैन for your kitchen? While you might have other types of pans, they are not suitable for creating liquid recipes. Check out the unique features of a saucepan online compared to other cookware.

Feature Saucepan Frying pan Tawa Kadahi
Purpose Boiling, simmering, steaming Frying, shallow cooking, sauteing Toasting, gridding, and dry cooking Deep frying and cooking curries
Shape Straight sides and usually contains a lid Sloping sides and less side height Flat with no sides or lid Round with a lid and a wide mouth
Handle A single long handle A single long handle One long handle Two handles on the sides
Ideal for recipes Tea, pasta, sauces, and vegetables Eggs, stir-fry, pancakes, and fish Dosas, parathas, and flatbreads Deep-fried items and curries
Material Stainless steel, copper, or aluminum Cast iron, stainless steel, and non-stick Cast iron, stainless steel, and non-stick Cast iron, stainless steel, and non-stick
Depth Deep Shallow Flat Deep

Maintenance and Care Tips for Saucepans

Once you invest in a kitchen saucepan set, remember these tips to extend their durability:

  • Don't use harsh cleansers to wash a saucepan, cooker, or other utensils in the kitchen.
  • Always dry your kitchen saucepan set after washing it to make it long lasting.
  • When you buy saucepan set, you can hang them or carefully stack them to save space. Recommended to use wooden or silicone spatulas to avoid to maintain the finish of your saucepan and keep it looking shiny.
  • Soak your saucepan in white vinegar to get rid of stubborn marks.

Saucepans Price Table

Product Saucepan Price
Steel Sauce Pan - Triply Artisan Series ₹ 2,363.00
Belly Sauce Pan - Triply Artisan Series ₹ 2,618.00

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Que : Can I use a saucepan in the oven?

Ans : While buying a saucepan online, you should check the types of cooktops on which you can use it. At Stahl, you will come across a collection of good saucepans that are oven-friendly.

Que : How long should a saucepan last?

Ans : The best saucepan will remain durable for a long time and will be used for generations.

Que : What to look for in a saucepan?

Ans : While buying a saucepan, you should check its material and its ability to handle heat. Remember to check the saucepan price while buying.

Que : What is the main use of a saucepan?

Ans : A saucepan is primarily used in the kitchen for making tea or thickening sauces. They are also useful for boiling pasta, rice, or vegetables.

Que : How many saucepans do you need?

Ans : Having at least one saucepan in the kitchen is mandatory. If you are someone who frequently makes sauces, soups, and liquid recipes, get two or three of them in different sizes.

Que : Can I use a saucepan on an induction cooktop?

Ans : At Stahl, you will come across a collection of induction-friendly saucepans.

Que : Are online purchases of saucepans safe and reliable?

Ans : As long as you are buying from a trustworthy place like Stahl, online purchases of saucepans are a good idea. Remember to check the features and customer reviews before buying.

Que : What size saucepan should I buy for my kitchen?

Ans : The ideal size of saucepan for your kitchen will depend on the amount of food you make every day and the size of your cooktop. For more information read the cookware sizing guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stainless Steel Saucepan

What is a kitchen without saucepans? Almost every cuisine in the world has essential dishes that are only cooked in saucepans. Whether it is curries, sauces, soups, tea, or coffee, we can’t imagine a day in the kitchen without a set of good saucepans. Yes. GOOD SAUCEPANS! Because the good ones, like our range of triply stainless steel saucepans, have a tonne of benefits that you won’t get in many other saucepans available in the market.

Let’s look at what Stahl Saucepans have to offer.

Stahl Stainless Steel Saucepan

Steel saucepans are generally not preferred for cooking as they do not conduct heat as well as say aluminium tea pan or cast iron saucepan . We thus put a layer of conducting material between two surgical steel layers and increased the efficiency of steel saucepans multi folds.

 Allow us to explain it to you a little in depth.

Triply is a material that is a fusion of stainless steel and a fast heat conducting core. Our triply saucepans have an outer contact layer of magnetic stainless steel (SS 430), a heat conducting core layer, and a non-reactive surgical steel (SS 304) layer, which comes in contact with the food you cook in it. This ensures no toxic metals leech into your food when you cook in our sauce pans.

You also get the following benefits of using our stainless steel triply saucepans:

  • Uniform Heat Distribution – The heat conducting core ensures our tea pan heats evenly and leave no hotspots that lead to sticking and burning of food.
  • Energy Efficient – Better heat conductivity of the triply layer also makes the cookware energy efficient. Your food will cook faster and you will end up saving fuel along the way.
  • Induction Friendly – The steel milk pan can be used on induction cooktops too.
  • Durable, Stay Cool Handles – Our saucepans are fitted with durable, stainless steel handles that do not heat as much when used on stove and induction tops, allowing you to handle and manage to cookware with ease.
  • Oven Safe – Because our saucepans have stainless steel handles, they can withstand high temperatures and can be safely used in the oven.
  • Easy Pour Design – The saucepans have rounded edges that allow for easy and spill proof pouring.
  • Easy to Clean – The pans are extremely easy to clean too. After you’re done using them, allow them to cool down, and clean them with a mild dishwashing liquid and soft sponge.
  • Dishwasher Safe – These sauce pans can be tossed in the dishwasher too if need be.

We have a range of saucepans in varied sizes that you can choose from depending on your requirement – 1L, 1.4L, 2L, and 2.9L. (14cm, 16cm, 18cm ,20cm size saucepans) We also have a series of adorable saucepans, the Mikro Series, (one cup milk pans) that are apt for single serves. They come in 270 ml and 450 ml capacities.

Saucepan Price

The price depends on the size you purchase; however, the range triply stainless steel saucepans starts at Rs. 2,780/- and goes up to Rs. 3,680/-.

The Mikro series of saucepans starts at Rs. 1,380/-.

Buy Saucepan Online

Getting saucepans online was never so easy! Click here to explore the varieties we have and purchase your favorite milk pan simply by adding it to your cart and completing the payment.


  • What to look for in a saucepan?
  • Look for a make and size that suits your kitchen needs and is durable with a sturdy handle, but also look for something that doesn’t develop hotspots when it is heated. Stahl stainless steel triply saucepans distribute heat evenly while speeding up the cooking time and saving fuel. They often perform well on low to medium heat and are a delight to cook with.

  • What is the main use of a saucepan?
  • Saucepans are mostly used for making sauces; however, they are also used to make smaller portions or foods. People also prefer saucepans to make hot beverages, like hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. In certain cases, a saucepan can be used for braising, stewing, and frying.