Steel Sauce Pan - Triply Artisan Series

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A Saucepan That's a Superstar! 

The Stahl Artisan Saucepan, one of our bestsellers is part of our most premium range that is designed for pure cooking joy.

The Artisan Saucepan is manufactured with utmost care and precision, ensuring an impeccable feel and finish, with unmatched utility and efficiency. This triply cookware is unlike any heavy bottom saucepan because it promotes even heat distribution throughout the surface of the pan, leaving lesser chances of hotspots and burns.

Whether you are looking for a steel saucepan to make your daily chai/tea or like to cook and serve gravies in it, the Stahl triply saucepan ensures a safe, non-reactive,  easy-pour experience.

This Stahl stainless steel saucepan is made of triply material which has three layers sandwiched together through the entire body of the utensil, providing an experience that is impossible to achieve in a normal stainless steel saucepan.

Available in three sizes that together make a great saucepan set, this saucepan can be used just as easily on an induction top.

Not sure which size suits your needs? Check out our sizing guide.

Proudly Made in India!

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