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Kadhai - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series
  • Rs. 3,480.00
  • From Rs. 2,958.00 15% OFF


Kadhai - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series
  • Rs. 3,380.00
  • From Rs. 2,873.00 15% OFF


Frypan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series
  • Rs. 3,180.00
  • From Rs. 2,703.00 15% OFF


Frypan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series
  • Rs. 3,080.00
  • From Rs. 2,618.00 15% OFF


Grill Pan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series
  • Rs. 4,480.00
  • Rs. 3,808.00 15% OFF

Cast Iron Cookware

Talk about a dependable kitchen staple and cast iron cookware will emerge as a clear winner. It's long-lasting and can be used for a variety of tasks. These items can hold heat exceptionally well. Our top-notch cast iron cookware allows you to do everything from skewing stews to baking bread. Investing in them seems like a practical choice.

Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

  • Versatile Element: Cast iron cookware can be used for different types of cooktops, including induction.
  • Greater Nutrition: Cooking with these utensils can add dietary iron to the dishes. It is especially advantageous for people who suffer from its deficiency.
  • Superior Heat Retention: Food stays warm for longer in a cast iron cookware set.
  • Durability: Cast iron cookware is an economical investment. With proper maintenance, it may last for generations.
  • Non-Stick Properties: Cast iron products naturally become non-stick after they are well seasoned. It eliminates the need for extra oil and simplifies cleanup.

The lifespan of Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware can last a lifetime if you care for it the right way. It can withstand regular use without getting scratched. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents for cast iron products. Try not to soak them in water to prevent corrosion.

How Does Cast Iron Cookware Enhance Cooking?

The material has the ability to evenly distribute heat. It creates constant cooking temperatures for everything from searing to baking. If you buy cast iron cookware online, it will bring out delicious flavors and create crispy finishes.

This metal is versatile and works on various stovetops, including electric and gas. Cast iron cookware can keep food warm for longer after cooking. So you can ensure that dishes are served at the perfect temperature.

Is Light Weight Cast Iron Cookware Different From Others?

Lightweight cast iron cookware holds heat efficiently and evenly distributes it for consistent results. Any cast iron cookware is typically heavy. But the use of innovative materials can reduce weight and extend durability at the same time.

Lightweight cast iron cookware offers the same versatility and cooking prowess as its traditional counterparts. But they are more manageable and support various culinary techniques. So, a lightweight cast iron skillet seems like a better choice.

Choosing Cast Iron Cookware Set for Your Kitchen

You must focus on some important aspects to pick the right cast iron cookware set.

Things to Consider While Buying Cast Iron Cookware Online

  • Evaluate Your Cooking Needs: To select the right cast iron cookware set, think about what kind of meals you usually prepare.
  • Check Out the Set: Make sure the cast iron cookware set has all the necessary components for your kitchen.
  • Quality & Reputation of the Brand: Choose brands that are well-known for their fine craftsmanship and top-notch cast iron cookware India.
  • Budget and Value: Take into account the price to value ratio of the cast iron cookware set.

Tips to Maintain Cast Iron Cookware

  • Season Often: Season it frequently to keep your cast iron cookware non-stick and easy to use.
  • Correct Cleaning Methods: To clean, use warm water and gentle soap. Always avoid harsh cleaners that can ruin the surface of these items.
  • Store Correctly: Don’t put away your cast iron cookware until it is totally dry after cleaning.
  • Prevent Thermal Shock: Steer clear of abrupt temperature fluctuation. Don’t think of submerging hot cookware in cold water. It will prevent cracking or warping.

Also read about Beginner’s Guide to Cast Iron Cookware.

Buy Cast Iron Cookware Online in India at the Best Price

Stahl is your ultimate destination to get high-quality cookware online at the most affordable rates. Check out the top cast iron cookware online in the collection for an unparalleled culinary experience.

Product Price Features
Kadhai - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series ₹ 2,958.00
  • Lightweight kadhai that won’t strain your arms
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Enameled rust-proof and stick-resistant cast iron cookware
  • Cook delicious food without using much oil
  • Stainless steel heat-resistant handles
Kadhai - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series ₹ 2,873.00
  • 50% lighter than other Kadhais
  • Low-maintenance cast iron cookware piece
  • Don’t worry about food sticking to the surface
  • Long-lasting and durable piece
  • Can efficiently fight rust
Frypan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series ₹ 2,703.00
  • Even heat distribution for consistent cooking results
  • Forget about endless hours of scrubbing and cleaning
  • Heat-resistant handles to protect your hands
  • Non-reactive cast iron cookware to cook different kinds of food
  • Can be used in the OTG
Frypan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series ₹ 2,618.00
  • Comes with nitride tech to infuse vital iron in your food
  • A fry pan with ergonomic and heat-resistant handle
  • Works on different cooktops, including stove and OTG
  • Cast iron cookware piece to pass on from one generation to another
  • Effectively fights corrosion to serve you for a lifetime
Grill Pan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series ₹ 3,808.00
  • Ideal for cooking everything from steaks to stir fries
  • Stick-resistant and rust-proof grill pan with an enameled top
  • Cast iron cookware piece with a safe and secure grip
  • Induction and OTG-friendly
  • Spill-free transfer with 2 wide spouts

FAQs on Cast Iron Cookware

Que : What is the difference between cast iron and iron cookware?

Ans : The metal used for the two types of cookware is the same. In cast iron cookware, the metal is used in molten form. However, in the second type, iron sheets are pressed to create appropriate shapes and sizes. The cast iron cookware is usually thicker and heavier than the other variant.

Que : Is cooking in cast iron healthy?

Ans : Yes, cooking in cast iron is generally considered healthy. It can increase iron content in food, provides even heat distribution, and is a good alternative to non-stick pans. Another advantage of cast iron cookware is that you can prepare meals with no oil. However, proper seasoning and maintenance are necessary for optimal performance and longevity.

Que : Is cast iron good for Indian cooking?

Ans : Yes, cast iron is excellent for Indian cooking. It retains heat well even when cooking spices, dals, and curries. The metal is excellent for cooking dishes that require high heat, like meat and other Indian dishes. Additionally, it adds iron to food, which is beneficial in diets requiring increased iron intake.

Que : Do you get iron from cast iron cookware?

Ans : At Stahl, you can find cast iron cookware India with nitride technology. It helps in adding dietary iron to your food items. If you have a deficiency of this mineral, eating food cooked in a cast iron cookware set can be nutritious for you.

Que : What are the disadvantages of cast iron cookware

Ans : People often shy away from using cast iron cookware because the handles have a tendency to heat up too much. But Stahl has come up with a solution. The stay-cool stainless steel handles of our cast iron cookware sets enable ergonomic handling without the fear of burning your hands.

Que : Is it worth buying cast iron cookware?

Ans : Buying cast iron cookware is totally worth it because they are highly durable. You can cook different dishes on various cooktops in these special utensils. But remember to buy cast iron cookware from a trustworthy destination like Stahl.

Que : How do I prevent rust on my cast iron cookware?

Ans : When you invest in cast iron cookware from Stahl, rusting shouldn’t be your concern. With corrosion-resistance technology, our cast iron cookware will remain durable for a long time and prevent them from corroding.

Que : Can I use cast iron cookware on a glass cooktop?

Ans : Yes, cast iron cookware is highly useful on a glass cooktop.

Que : Can I use metal utensils with cast iron cookware?

Ans : You can use metal spoons on the Stahl Blacksmith Plus series for cast iron cookware. If you are using cast iron cookware from the Blacksmith Hybrid series, you should stick to wooden spoons.

Que : Are there any foods I should avoid cooking in cast iron?

Ans : Usually, cast iron is not suitable for cooking acidic food. But the Stahl Blacksmith Hybrid series allows you to cook acidic foods without any worries.

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