Stahl Cookware Sizing Guide

Whether you are making a spicy curry or a flavorful soup, the right cookware can go a long way in the turning your culinary vision into reality. 

Confused about which type and size of cookware you need?

This guide can help you deciding the right buy according to your needs.

Frying Pan Types & Sizes

A frying pan is a versatile type of cookware that can be used for a number of preparations. Stahl frying pans come in two types - non-coated triply stainless steel and hybrid coated triply stainless steel. The Artisan Triply Frypan is a classic frypan that is ideal for those who are looking for non-coated cookware. The Artisan Hybrid Triply Frypan boasts of the best coating in the world and is bound by a HexaRidge pattern that ensures that the coating doesn't chip. Use a frypan when you want make shallow fried delicacies like patties, stir-fried dishes, pancakes, crepes, eggs and healthy veggie chilla.  

Stahl frypan sizes

When it comes to frypan sizes, here's a quick guide to help you choose :

1. 16 cm frypan : This is perfect for cooking small, single portions. It would best suit a single person household. It's capacity is 600 ml.

2. 18 cm frypan : This frypan is ideal for one to two people homes. It can hold upto 900 ml at full capacity. 

3. 20 cm frypan : Are you a small family of 2 to 3 people? Choose a 20 cm frypan for your kitchen. It can cook enough for a small family. It holds upto 1300 ml.

4. 22 cm frypan: The 22 cm frypan is suited for a family of 4 to 5 people. If you'd like to make enough for the whole family at one time, we recommend this size. To it's full capacity, it can hold 1700 ml. 

5. 24 cm Frypan : Are you someone who's portions are a big as their love for food? This big kitchen frypan is for you. It is best for a family of 6 to 7 people. It can hold upto 1800 ml.

Saucepan Sizes

A good saucepan can have a big effect on the taste of your favorite beverage, be it chai or coffee. It is the key to getting that sauce or curry right and can make or break that delicious jam or homemade marmalade.  Stahl saucepans are special because of their beautiful build and heat efficiency. The handles on the cookware are specially designed to ensure ergonomic use. 

The outer layer of the saucepans is made in the highest grade of stainless steel (SS304) and they are completely non-toxic, lead free and leach proof. The Artisan series saucepan come in 3 sizes and the Mikro series saucepans come in two small sizes. 

Use a saucepan when you want to make tea, coffee, soups, stews, curries, sauces etc.


Saucepan Sizing Guide

1. 14 cm saucepan:  This saucepan holds 1 liter or 1000ml of liquid. Do remember though that this is it's full capacity (filled to the brim), which is different than usable capacity. Typically you can use 70% of the full capacity while cooking. 

2. 16 cm saucepan: This saucepan is ideal when cooking for a group of 2 to 3 people. At it's full capacity, it holds 1400 ml liquid. 

3. 18 cm saucepan: This saucepan is suited for a family of 3-4 people. It can make upto 6-7 cups of chai easily. It holds upto 2 liter or 2000 ml of liquid.

Stahl Mikro

4. Mikro 10 cm saucepan : The Mikro saucepan is good for single portions only. It holds upto 450 ml of liquid. It is great to cook , bake and serve in.

5. Mikro 8 cm saucepan : The Mikro 8 cm saucepan has a full capacity of 270 ml liquid. 

Saucepot Sizes

Stahl Saucepot or casserole is a stunner! It is what you would call a beauty with brains. It is versatile in it's utility and looks beautiful on the dining table too. It comes in 8 sizes in which you can cook anything from dum biryani to one pot pasta. Stahl saucepots come with custom made handles that stay cool due to their heat proof inserts. Like every other piece of Stahl cookware, they are made with the finest quality of triply stainless steel

Use a Casserole to make rice delicacies, pasta, sauces, meat curries etc.

Casserole Sizing guide

1. 14 cm Casserole: The 14 cm Casserole makes enough to serve one to two people. At it's full capacity, it can hold 1 liter or 1000 ml of liquid. 

2. 16 cm Casserole : The 16 cm Casserole suits well for a family of 2 to 3 people. It can hold upto 1400 ml till it's brim. Buy this if you usually cook for upto three adults at home.

3. 18 cm Casserole : The 18 cm Casserole is best for a family of four. It can hold upto 2 liter or 2000 ml liquid in it. 

4. 20 cm Casserole : The 20 cm Casserole is ideal if you are a family of 5 people. It can hold upto 2800 ml or 2.8 liter at it's full capacity. This is also one of the most popular sizes of the saucepot.

5. 22 cm Casserole : The 22 cm Casserole is great if you're cooking for upto 7 people. Ideal for hearty one-dish meal preparations like biryani, this can also make enough curry for family and guests. It can hold 3800 ml of liquid when filled to the brim.

6. 24 cm Casserole : Use the 24 cm Casserole if you're cooking for upto 10 people. It can hold 5000 ml of liquid or more specifically, 5.1 liters.

7. 28 cm Casserole: The 28 cm casserole is great if you're cooking for a home party of 12-14 people. It can hold a whopping 7 liter or 7000 ml of liquid when filled to capacity. 

Kadhai & Deep Frypan Sizes

Stahl Kadhai has set a benchmark in intuitive design and efficiency. It is designed with features like stay cool handles that are custom made for ergonomic efficiency. The kadhai comes with a stainless steel lid that is easy to clean and maintain, unlike a glass lid that can lodge food in corners, breeding bacteria.

Use a kadhai for cooking myriad dishes for your family - from gravies to veggies to lentils and desserts too. There's absolutely nothing a good kadhai cannot achieve.

Stahl Artisan Deep Frypan is designed as a wok with handles, making it easy to toss, stir and deep fry. It comes with specially built handles that are easy to hold due their ergonomic grip. It comes in 3 sizes.

The Tasla kadhai is designed without handles for easy stacking and saving space. It does everything that the classic Stahl kadhai is designed to do, while saving storage space. 

The Round Bottom kadhai is a new addition for ease of frying and handling more quantities in the same size. 

The Artisan Hybrid kadhai comes with the high tech HexaRidge coating that is designed to be stick resistant and chip-free. 

1. 16 cm Kadhai : The 16 cm kadhai is great to make small portions of vegetables, lentils etc. It is good for cooking for 1 to 2 people. At it's full capacity, it can hold 800 ml. 

2. 18 cm Kadhai : The 18 cm Stahl kadhai is designed to cook for 2 to 3 people. If you are family that cooks different varieties everyday, this might be a good pick for you. It can hold 1200 ml liquid to its brim.

3. 20 cm Kadhai : The 20 cm kadhai is perfect to cook for 3 to 4 people. It can hold upto 1600 ml liquid.  

4. 22 cm Kadhai : The 22 cm kadhai is an ideal fit for 4 to 5 people. It can hold upto 2000 ml liquid when filled to the brim. 

5. 24 cm Kadhai : If you're a family of 5 to 6 people or like to make big portions, this is a good size for you. It holds upto 2400 ml of liquid when filled to the top. 

6. 26 cm Kadhai : This kadhai cooks enough for 6 to 7 people. It is multipurpose and can be used to make vegetables, lentils and stir fries too. It can hold 3300 ml liquid.

7. 28 cm Kadhai : This kadhai is suited for cooking for 8 to 9 people. It can hold upto 4400 ml liquid in its full capacity.  

8. 30 cm Kadhai: This kadhai is that big size you need when you're cooking for guests, It can easily cook enough for 9 to 10 people and holds 5100 ml of liquid.

9. 34 cm Kadhai : This is the one of the biggest sizes of kadhai in the Stahl product list. It is enough for 12 to 15 people. It holds upto 8000 ml of liquid. 

10. 40 cm Kadhai: This size of kadhai is what you'd need if you're cooking in big quantities, say for upto 20 people. It can hold 12.8 liters of liquid when full to the brim.

Deep Frypan Sizes

11. 20 cm Deep Frypan : The 20 cm Deep Frypan is suitable for a family of three. It can hold upto 1600 ml of liquid. 

12. 22 cm Deep Frypan: The 22 cm Deep Frypan can cook enough for 3 to 4 people. It can hold upto 2 liters of liquid when filled to capacity.

13. 26 cm Deep Frypan : The 26 cm Deep Frypan holds upto 3300 ml of liquid and cooks for upto 6 people. Choose this size and shape if you like to experiment with cooking techniques.

Tawa Sizes

Stahl Artisan Hybrid Tawa comes in 3 sizes. The Hybrid tawa boasts of the world's best coating that is designed in a fashion where it is chip-proof and metal spoon friendly. Make delicious dosas, flavorful parathas, pancakes and more on this gorgeous tawa.

Stahl Tawa Size

1. 28 cm Tawa : This size is perfect if you are using the tawa to make parathas, chilla, omelets that are typically not big in size. It can also make small dosas and utappams well. 

2. 30 cm Tawa : This size of Tawa would make for a good mid sized tawa that doesn't need a lot of space to store yet makes medium sized parathas, pancakes, chillas etc.

3. 32 cm Tawa: This size of Tawa is great if you like your dosas and omelets big and your parathas hearty. 

Pressure Cooker Sizes

Stahl Xpress Cooker is India's first triply pressure cooker. It is the fastest pressure cooker in the market and is checked in 18 different ways before it reaches you. The cooker is tested at 6 times the pressure that it is built to handle. Besides this, it boasts of high quality bakelite handles that are fixed in a way that it is almost impossible to break them.

Wondering which size and shape of the pressure cooker would suit you best? That depends solely on how you plan to use the pressure cooker. 

Do you like to cook with inserts? Would you prefer to sauté and pressure cook in the same pan? What do you use the pressure cooker mostly for? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide the shape and size of the pressure cooker.

Stahl Xpress Cookers come in 7 sizes. There are three shapes of Stahl pressure cookers - baby, broad and pan. As the name suggests, baby Xpress Cooker is a small pressure cooker, broad type is tall and broad and the pan comes in the shape of a pan. 


Stahl Baby Xpress Cooker

1. 1 liter baby Xpress Cooker : It is great when cooking for 1 person or if you are a new mother introducing solids to your toddler. It holds upto 1 liter or 1000 ml of liquid when filled to capacity.

2. 3.5 liter Pan Xpress Cooker: This size is a good choice when you would like to sauté and cook for 2 to 3 people. It holds 3500 ml of liquid.

3. 4 liter Pan Xpress Cooker : Use this cooker to cook enough for 4 people. It's pan size is great for tadka and stir frying vegetables and meat. It can hold upto 4000 ml of liquid.

4. 2.5 liter Broad Xpress Cooker: The 2.5 liter Broad Xpress Cooker is suited for 2 persons.It can hold upto 2500 ml of liquid.

5. 3 Liter Broad Xpress Cooker: The 3 liter Broad Xpress Cooker is the perfect size for a family of 3 people. It can hold upto 3000 ml of liquid.

6. 5 liter Broad Xpress Cooker: The 5 liter broad Xpress Cooker is the fastest moving size in Stahl pressure cookers. It is best for you if you like to use one or two compartments within the cooker to pressure cook more than one thing. It can hold upto 5000 ml of liquid

7. 6 Liter Broad Xpress Cooker : The 6 Liter size in the Broad size is suited for a family of upto 8 people. It can hold upto 6000 ml liquid.

Stahl Broad Xpress Cooker

Tope Sizes

A tope or a patila has traditionally been a must have in any Indian kitchen. It can be used to heat liquids, make tea or coffee, jams or marmalades, curries, soups or stews. 

Stahl Topes are made of the finest quality triply. Apart from being extremely durable, they are also oven safe and can be washed in the dishwasher.  They are available in 6 sizes

Stahl Tope

1. 14 cm Tope : The 14 cm tope is good when cooking for a group of 1 to 2 people. It can hold 1000 ml in full capacity. 

2. 16 cm Tope : The 16 cm tope is suited for cooking for upto 3 people. At its full capacity, it holds upto 1400 ml liquid. 

3. 18 cm Tope : The 18 cm tope is suited for cooking for upto 4 people. It can fit upto 10 glasses of liquid or 2000 ml capacity.

4. 20 cm Tope : The 20 cm tope is great for cooking for upto 5 people. It can fit about 2900 ml liquid capacity.   

5. 22 cm Tope : The 22 cm tope is great for cooking for upto 7 people. It can fit about 3700 ml liquid. 

6. 24 cm Tope: The 24 cm tope holds upto 5000 ml of liquid which will be perfect for a group of 10 people. 

7. 28 cm Tope: The 28 cm tope holds upto 7200 ml of liquid which would be ideal for a group of upto 14 people.

8. 32 cm Tope: The 32 cm tope holds upto 12 liters or 12000 ml of liquid which can be good enough for a group of 20. 



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