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Kadhai - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series
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Kadhai - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series
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Cast Iron Kadhai

Indian cuisine has acquired an unbeatable status in the world because of its beautiful blend of flavors. However, it’s important for us to realize that traditional cookware, like cast iron kadai, also plays a crucial role in enhancing the flavors and elevating the nutritional value of the foods cooked in it. The best part about cast iron kadai is that it can be used on multiple cooktops, and it holds heat better. But it is often the last choice in most households for it is cumbersome to use, clean, and maintain.
We, at Stahl, want you to enjoy the benefits of cast iron without worrying about these issues. We thus bring to you the age-old cast iron i in a new, better form through our Blacksmith Hybrid series of cast iron!

Read on to know what’s so special about our cast iron kadai.

Blacksmith Hybrid Cast Iron Kadai

These features are a result of our meticulous planning and design to make cooking in the cast iron kadhai a delightful experience every single time.

  1. Lightweight – The kadhai is India’s 1st lightweight cast iron kadai. Its construction is such that it narrows around the edges, making the kadai up to 50% lighter than the traditional cast iron kadahi. The design ensures that you don’t feel like you’re lifting heavy weights in the kitchen when using it.
  2. High Heat Retention – Cook all your recipes at the appropriate temperatures without a worry. This cast iron kadai offers high heat retention and even distribution of heat to ensure your food is cooked consistently and perfectly every time.
  3. Rust Proof – This kadai comes with a glass based enamel treatment, which makes it highly safe and convenient to us, without worrying about rusting or seasoning.. Yes. You no longer need to season it after every use and can use it straight out of the box.
  4. Stick-Resistant - The enamel treatment also makes it stick resistant, which means you’ll need very little oil when cooking your favourite foods.
  5. Stay Cool Handles – The cast iron kadai is also fitted with stainless steel handles that do not heat as much and allow you to handle the kadhai without worrying about burning your hands. This is seldom seen in the case of traditional cast iron kadhais that have cast iron handles.
  6. Safe for All Foods – The surface of our cast iron kadahi is non-reactive, and hence safe to cook all sorts of foods. Infact, you can cook acidic food in it, too!
  7. Durable – The construction of the kadai makes it durable enough to last for generations. 
  8. Easy to Clean & Low Maintenance – Our cast iron kadhai cleans in a jiffy; all you need is mild soapy water and a soft sponge.
  9. Induction Friendly – This kadai can be used on all kinds of cooktops, including Induction top.
  10. Oven Safe – The Blacksmith Cast Iron Kadhai is safe to use in the OTG too (up to 220 ˚C)


Cast Iron Kadai Price

The Cast Iron Kadhai price varies according to the size you choose and starts from Rs. 3480/-.

We have them in 20 cm, 24 cm, 26 cm, and 28 cm sizes, which are apt for all cooking requirements.


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  1. How do I season the Blacksmith Hybrid Cast Iron kadhai?

The Blacksmith Hybrid cast iron kadai does not need any seasoning as it comes with a high temperature, safe, non-reactive enamel treatment. This keeps it rust-proof and stick resistant too, and it requires very little oil to cook your favourite foods in it.

  1. How do I maintain the Blacksmith Hybrid cast iron kadai?

Maintaining the cast iron kadai is quite easy. Always avoid dry heating the kadai and preheat it on low flame while cooking. Once you add your ingredients, you can raise the temperature to your liking. For cleaning the cast iron kadhai, use a mild dishwashing liquid and a soft sponge to scrub away any food particles and oil, and wipe it dry. Avoid stacking the cookware to maintain the enamel coating and use a wooden spatula when stirring the food.