About Us

We believe in challenging the status quo of the kitchen experience. Our team has designed and manufacturing cookware for some of the best and biggest brands in the world.  But we are not satisfied with just that much. The Stahl brand was launched with the aim of pushing the boundaries of tools available for cooking. Our team is focused on making very intuitive and innovative cookware with very high safety standards.

We have been the first company in India to make triply cookware. Our detachable cookware range is also super safe and super easy to use.

The current focus on Stainless Steel products comes from the belief that it is one of the best materials for food contact. It is also a highly malleable, beautiful and durable material, and a well built SS pot or pan can last for many years if not generations.

Having its Indian manufacturing facilities in a quaint valley near Pune, a city known for its engineering capabilities and some of the biggest Indian companies, Stahl has the distinct advantage of being able to identify the right talent and partners to make its world class cookware.

We look forward to having you as a part of the Stahl, as we believe anyone who has used our cookware is a part of our family. 
Factory:    Autopress India Pvt. Ltd.; Gat. no. 322 (New), Pirangut, Mulshi, Pune 412111
    Contact no: 8484018048