Designed with You in Mind

A toss, shake, flip - A good frypan or Tawa is a true joy to cook with. The delectable stir fry, the perfectly seasoned omelet, the light and airy Utappam, the rich and layered paratha is only possible on a frypan or tawa that is designed with science and utility in mind. Stahl Pans and Tawa are made with a simple objective in mind - you! 

Even Heat Distribution

The way heat travels on your pan or dosa tawa makes all the difference to the end result! That's why all Stahl frypans and tawas are made in triply stainless steel. This helps in even heat distribution throughout the pan ensuring that there are fewer hotspots or areas with uneven heat. That means lesser chances of undercooked or burnt food!

Custom Made Handles

The handles on Stahl tawa and frypans are made exclusively for a seamless cooking experience. They are super durable and easy to hold. We have ensured that even the rivets on the handles are pure stainless steel. They are designed in a way that they stay cool for longer. 

Safest Coating in the World

The Stahl Artisan Hybrid Series uses the most advanced stick resistant technology in cookware. The hexagonal ridges on the cookware ensure that the coating does not chip away easily and enables you to use a metal spoon on the frypan and tawa. An enjoyable non stick experience is only a good seasoning away! 

A Breeze to Clean

Stahl frypans and tawas are dishwasher friendly. They are designed to be extremely easy to clean and maintain. 

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Stahl - Frypan - Artisan Series (Triply)
  • Rs. 2,780.00
  • From Rs. 2,220.00 20% OFF


Stahl - Tawa - Artisan Hybrid Series (Triply)
  • Rs. 3,180.00
  • From Rs. 2,540.00 20% OFF


Stahl - Frypan - Artisan Hybrid Series (Triply)
  • Rs. 3,280.00
  • From Rs. 2,620.00 20% OFF


Stahl - Kitchen Fry pan - Artisan Series
  • Rs. 2,080.00
  • From Rs. 1,660.00 20% OFF


Stahl - Kitchen Fry pan - Artisan Hybrid Series
  • Rs. 2,780.00
  • From Rs. 2,220.00 20% OFF
Artisan Mikro Frypan- 12 cm (240 ml)
  • Rs. 1,480.00


Stahl - Frypan - Artisan Nevrstick Series (Triply)
  • Rs. 3,080.00
  • From Rs. 2,464.00 20% OFF


Stahl - Small Kitchen Fry pan - Artisan Nevrstick Series
  • Rs. 2,280.00
  • Rs. 1,824.00 20% OFF