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Xpress Pressure Cooker
  • Rs. 4,080.00
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Xpress Cooker- Baby
  • Rs. 3,180.00
  • From Rs. 2,699.00 15% OFF


Xpress Cooker- Pan
  • Rs. 4,480.00
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Versatil Cooker
  • Rs. 7,180.00
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Xpress Cooker - Belly / Handi
  • Rs. 4,180.00
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Cooker Duo (3L & 5L)
  • Rs. 6,980.00
  • Rs. 5,949.00 14% OFF


Engrave - Cooker Duo (3L & 5L)
  • Rs. 6,980.00
  • Rs. 5,949.00 14% OFF

The 1 litre pressure cooker is an apt addition to small kitchens to prepare individual meals. Students living alone in a different city can also use these small cookers. Additionally, they are ideal for preparing meals for babies and a single person. Despite its compact nature, these cookers serve as a mighty item in the kitchen. With its space-saving design and unique features, a 1 litre pressure cooker from Stahl will take your cooking experience to the next level. Are you interested in knowing how important pressure cookers are in the kitchen? Check out the blog: Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Cookers!

Tips to Buy 1 litre Pressure Cooker

Before you buy a 1 litre pressure cooker, remember the following tips:

  • Like a saucepan, pressure cookers are also available in different materials. Check the details of every material before purchasing.
  • You might prefer to use your pressure cooker on different types of cooktops. Find out if you can use the 1 litre pressure cooker on induction, electric as well as gas tops.
  • If you are a cooking enthusiast, you might want to use your 1 litre pressure cooker for different cooking techniques. Find out whether the pressure cooker is suitable for that.
  • The price of your 1 l pressure cooker is a major consideration while buying. Compare different brands and find the best deals. At Stahl, you will come across pressure cookers priced at budget-friendly rates.
  • Never buy a 1 l pressure cooker online unless it comes with a warranty.
  • Look for the availability of spare parts before investing in a 1 litre pressure cooker.

Upgrade Your Cooking Experience with Stainless Steel 1 Litre Cooker

A 1 litre pressure cooker from Stahl will elevate your experience in the kitchen. Whether it's baking or preparing soups and stews, our pressure cookers will help you make different dishes with ease. Moreover, the faster cooking times and easy cleaning make our cookers an even more appropriate choice for any Indian kitchen.
Want to become an expert baker at home? Check out the blog: Baking in a Pressure Cooker: Easy Tips and Things to Remember.

Maintenance & Care Tips for 1 L Cooker

If you want to make a 1 l pressure cooker last for a long time, keep in mind the following maintenance tips:

  • Never heat an empty pressure cooker because it can cause damage.
  • Don't keep food in your pressure cooker overnight
  • Wash your pressure cooker with warm and soapy water after every use.
  • Like a kadhai, never use caustic or bleaching agents to clean your pressure cookers.
  • Remember to clean the vent and gasket of the cooker after every use.

Need more hacks to make your pressure cookers last for a long time? Check out the blog: How to Maintain Your Pressure Cooker.

Why choose Stahl to buy 1 Ltr Cooker?

Wondering why Stahl is your ultimate destination for purchasing a 1 litre pressure cooker? Check out the reasons below:

  • Safety mechanisms: Every pressure cooker comes with a triple safety mechanism, which includes a resettable safety valve and a gasket release system. Learn more about it here: Stahl Xpress Pressure Cooker Safety Features Walkthrough.
  • Ergonomic handles: A 1 litre pressure cooker from Stahl comes with stay-cool handles for safe handling and an outer lid for easing opening and closing.
  • Durable construction: Every 1 litre pressure cooker in our collection is made with corrosion-resistant features to last a long time.
  • Extensive product range: You will discover pressure cookers made of different materials in our collection. Moreover, our pressure cookers are available in various sizes to fulfill the unique requirements of your kitchen. Apart from our 1 litre pressure cookers, you can also get a 1.5 Litre pressure cooker, 2.5 L pressure cooker, 3 L pressure cooker, and 5 L pressure cooker from our collection.
  • Exceptional customer service: If you are not happy with our cookware products, you can easily return them. Moreover, you can enjoy free shipping and a COD facility while ordering from us. In case of any issues, you can reach out to us from our website or connect with us through our socials
  • Quality assurance: Whether you are buying a pan or pressure cooker from us, you will never have anything to complain about our quality. We manufacture every 1 litre pressure cooker in our collection, keeping in mind the highest safety and quality standards. But we balance our pricing with quality to ensure that cooking enthusiasts can find the perfect pressure cooker without breaking the bank.

1 Litre Pressure Cooker Price

Product Price
Xpress Cooker- Baby Rs. 2,703.00


1. Is a 1 litre pressure cooker suitable for a single person or a small family?

A 1 litre pressure cooker is perfect for cooking meals for one person. These compact cookers are also perfect for cooking meals for small families of 2 people.

2. Can I use Stahl's 1 litre pressure cooker on gas and electric stovetops?

A 1 litre pressure cooker from Stahl is suitable for different types of cooktops. So, you can use them on gas as well as induction stovetops.

3. How much rice can you cook in a 1L cooker?

A 1 litre pressure cooker is ideal for cooking rice for one to two people. Usually, you will be able to make around 2 to 3 cups of rice in it.