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Pure Cooking Joy. Personalized.

Do you remember the time when our mothers and grandmothers had all their cookware engraved? Whether it was their favorite kadhai or the set of glasses that they received with their wedding trousseau, they were extremely proud of their kitchen and serving tools!

That's the beauty of engraved cookware. Personalizing it makes it priceless, timeless and a beautiful inheritance too. 

Do you have someone who you deeply love and cherish who loves to make you delicious, nourishing food? Or perhaps you would like to gift yourself the joy of personalized cookware?

Whether it's your mom, dad, grandmother or life partner, Stahl cookware is made for people who believe cooking is more than a life skill. It's designed for people who put their heart and soul in cooking, for those who express their love through the food that they make. These are people who our lives revolve around, who our homes depend upon, who we love more than anything else in the world. 

 Gift a personalized Stahl cookware to show your appreciation for these heroes in our lives. The ones who truly matter.

The steps to engrave your Stahl cookware are :

1. Got to the product you would like to buy

2. Click on 'Engrave Cookware' button

3. Add name to be engraved in the text box

4. Place your order. 

In case of assistance, please reach out to

*Engraved products cannot be returned or exchanged. Cash on Delivery is not available for personalized cookware.

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