What is Triply?

You're likely hearing a lot about stainless steel triply cookware. Triply cooking is a healthy way to cook your everyday meals, much more enjoyable than most other materials out there and let's be honest, it looks fantastic!  But since this a relatively new concept in Indian kitchens, you might be wondering ,'What is triply cookware?'

Triply = Three Ply Material

Triply cookware is made of three-ply material which is basically three layers sandwiched together. Most often this is an inner layer of stainless steel, middle layer of aluminum and an outer layer of stainless steel. But metals like copper are also used in place of aluminum. 

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, far better than stainless steel by itself. It causes heat to diffuse all over the cookware uniformly. Triply cookware only utilizes the heat conduction benefits of aluminum while making sure that food does not come in contact with it. 

Sticks Less. More Efficient than Normal Stainless Steel

Why is triply stainless steel better than normal stainless steel cookware? If you remember earlier stainless steel utensils that our mothers and grandmothers cooked in, you will also have memories of food sticking and getting burnt in these pots and pans. 

With triply cookware, you don't have to worry about hotspots and burns. The middle layer of aluminum helps in even heat distribution, the outer layer of magnetic steel makes the cookware compatible with induction cooking and the inner surgical steel layer ensures that your food has 0% contact with Aluminum which is known to be dangerous for health in the long run. 

If you are one of those who worries about their family's health and wants to adapt to healthy living, Stahl's triply cookware is a great way to start!

In short, here are the benefits of cooking in stainless steel triply cookware:

1. Easy to Clean - burns less, stains come off easily.

2. Efficient Fuel Consumption - Cooks evenly and with less oil and fuel consumption

3. Even Heat Distribution- Triply enables heat to spread evenly.  

4. Easy to Maintain - Stainless Steel triply is long lasting and easy to store 

5. Durable - A hardworking friend in the kitchen!

6. Non-Reactive - Leach Proof, 0% Aluminum Contact 

7. Value for Money - An heirloom that can be passed down generations

8. Safe -¬†ÔĽŅTested for quality & made with international quality standards


Buying triply cookware? Read 'The Truth about Triply' first. 


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