India's First ISI Mark Triply Pressure Cooker

Stahl pressure cookers are 100% Residue Free & PFOA Free. They undergo Stringent Quality Checks where each pressure cooker is checked for safety & functionality.

They are made of Safest Surgical Steel & are 100% residue free
Triply stainless steel material is healthiest & most efficient way to cook and promotes even heat distribution.

Stahl cookers are versatile in the kitchen. You can make idlis, dhokla, khichadi, curries, lentils & much more in them.
Each cooker can be used as Multi-Use cookware. It can be used as both a Pan and Pressure Cooker.

Stahl Xpress Cookers are long lasting & hardworking in the kitchen & come with a 5 years Warranty.
Cook with less oil! This stainless steel cooker uses 80% less oil than regular cookware and cooks super fast too!

Pure Cooking Joy
Have questions about buying and using pressure cookers? Read all the information on pressure cooking here. 

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    Xpress Cooker- Baby
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    Xpress Cooker- Pan
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    Xpress Cooker - Broad
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