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Clay, Iron, Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, Stainless steel - there are a number of materials we use in our kitchen. How these materials react to heat and the ingredients has a big impact on taste, nutrition and shelf life of our food. 

These materials and their shapes have evolved over time as research, use and design has evolved. When it comes to cookware, the dilemma has been to find the right balance between efficiency and health. 

Discoveries on how to combine metals for health and efficiency purposes have led to the invention of triply stainless steel. Triply stainless steel is a layered combination of three materials so as to make the most of the properties of all of these materials and enhance the experience of cooking. (Read more about what is triply here)

It is so far the most efficient way to cook in stainless steel while enjoying the heat conduction benefits of aluminum. Stahl triply cookware ensures that food comes in contact with only the highest grade of stainless steel that is certified safe and hygienic. This provides an extremely enjoyable and safe cooking experience without the long term health costs of aluminum contact. 

Stahl triply cookware

Are you wondering what makes triply cookware good? The answer is straight forward.

  • It is sustainable

Triply is a strong material that is built for durability. It lasts long and its functionality does not reduce a lot even with wear and tear. 
  • It is residue free 

Triply stainless steel cookware does not contain any residue of harmful chemicals or toxins. This makes it safe for patients suffering from diseases like cancer too. Stahl triply is 100% PFOA free too.
  • It is completely leach proof :

With triply material, there is no danger of toxins or harmful compounds leaching even after consistent use.
  • It's a cooking experience like none other :

Your cooking experience with triply stainless steel is unparalleled to most other materials. It is healthy cooking at it's very best!
  • It not just feels good, but looks good too :

Finely crafted triply cookware like Stahl can be used not just to cook but to serve too. 

Have you recently bought triply cookware? Here are a few things you need to know :

Heat Efficient Cooking : Your food no longer needs a high flame to be cooked. With triply cookware, you can cook at a medium to low flame yet at a faster pace than all other materials due to the all-round heat efficiency of the cookware.

Heat Reaction to Cookware: If you dry heat the cookware for too long on the flame, expect it to become discolored and develop rainbow spots. That is a natural reaction of stainless steel to heat and while it may slightly spoil the look of the cookware, it is unlikely to have major effects on your cooking. 

Maintain Easy : One of triply cookware's major benefits is that it is really easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a soft sponge (say good bye to metal scrubbers) and some mild soap. What's even better is that triply is completely dishwasher friendly!  

Great for Waist Watchers: If you're health conscious and are actively watching your oil intake, there isn't a better material to cook with than triply. It uses close to 20% less oil and cooks just as beautifully. Remember the sticky fingers after a hearty Indian meal? It's time to say goodbye to greasy food! 

Versatility becomes the New Norm : Did your fancy friend tell you that you need different materials to cook different foods? Well, here's your chance to prove them wrong. There's so much you can do with triply cookware in your kitchen. It can be used on multiple heat sources; right from induction cooktops to open flame stove and in many cases an oven too! Experiment with different cuisines and techniques on your new triply pots and pans, you will be pleasantly surprised with your purchase!

Non-coated can be Non-Stick too : Yep, that's the magic of good seasoning! Season your triply frypans and tawas well and over time they will act just like non stick cookware. All this with the additional health benefit of no chipping, cracking or corrosion. Seasoning triply stainless steel cookware augments the cooking experience of the cookware and requires much less oil to cook too.

Once you get used to the experience of cooking in triply, it is difficult to go back to any other material. It's not hard to see why. A finely crafted triply cookware like Stahl can last you a lifetime and give you an immense joy of cooking along with health benefits. 

While buying triply stainless steel cookware look out for the following while making your decision :

  • Feel and finish of the product. Check for the build quality, polish and how the cookware feels to hold and handle.
  • Thickness of the triply used. When triply used is too thick, it increases the weight of the cookware without adding any additional benefits to the experience. If it's too thin, it will not be as durable. Ideally, 2.5 mm thickness of triply stainless steel is the perfect thickness to achieve durability and cooking joy.
  • Handles. If you're buying triply cookware with handles, check for details like handle ergonomics - does the handle feel good in your hands? Are there stay cool inserts on the handle so that you can handle the cookware when hot? 
  • Grade and Use of Stainless Steel : The safest quality of stainless steel for food contact is SS304 which is also called surgical steel. Ensure that your food is in contact with SS304. Another thing to ensure is whether any rivets that might be a part of the cookware are also made of stainless steel and not aluminum. 
  • Spill Proof Edges : Nobody likes lovingly made food to spill all over the counter while transferring to serveware. Ensure that your triply stainless steel cookware has well rounded edges so that you can get a smooth pour without spillage. 

Triply cookware is often preferred over all other materials because of it's efficiency, durability and cooking experience. While buying triply cookware, pay attention to the smaller details and find a brand that stands for quality and craftsmanship.

What's better than German quality cookware that's made in India? Buy Stahl triply cookware here.

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