5 Things You Need to Know About Using Your Triply Cookware!

So you've recently bought new triply stainless steel cookware. It feels great to handle and you can't wait to start cooking with it. But your first experience is not what you expected it to be? This is because there is a difference in cooking with Aluminum and triply cookware. Here are 5 things you need to bear in mind while cooking with triply stainless steel cookware. 

1. Don't Use it on High Flame :

Triply cookware like kadhai, frypans and pressure cookers are extremely heat efficient. That means that because of the even layer of triply throughout the body of the cookware, heat is conducted uniformly and spreads through the entire body of the cookware. This is also the reason why food cooks faster in triply cookware. So chances are that if you cook on a high flame with your triply utensils and forget to monitor it enough, your food might stick or get overcooked. 

The best way to cook in your triply kadhai or triply pressure cooker is to let the food cook on a medium to low flame. Some people prefer to heat the cookware on high flame for a few seconds, just before tempering the oil with seeds and spices but actually that isn't required and can be done just as well on a medium flame. 

2. Use Lesser Oil for the Same Results :

One major advantage of your triply cookware is that it requires lesser oil to achieve the same results in cooking. It's a great first step towards a healthier lifestyle. While cooking with your triply cookware, remember to put atleast 20% lesser oil in the pan. 

3. White Cloudy & Rainbow Stains are Normal and Can be Tackled Easily:

Have you been noticing white cloudy stains on your triply cookware? These are because of mineral deposits in your tap water. If you live in a neighbourhood that has hard water in the taps, chances are that this is a common issue for you. Rainbow stains are common when cooking in stainless steel cookware too. Rainbow stains are likely to happen if you dry heat your cookware for a long time. Don't worry, these stains will not make any difference to the functionality of the cookware but it is likely to look different than when you bought it.

It is extremely easy to tackle white cloudy and rainbow stains on your cookware. To remove these stains, boil a mixture of vinegar and water in a proportion of 1:3 in the affected cookware and wash out as usual.

get rid of rainbow stains

4. Go Gentle on the Cleaning:

For cleaning triply cookware, remember not to use abrasive substances like steel scrubbers. A simple sponge will do the job! Make sure that the soap you use is not too harsh and dilute it with a little water before using it on the cookware. Triply cookware is dishwasher friendly. Gently rinse it before loading it in the dishwasher to ensure that all food residue is out. 

Another thing to note is to avoid putting water in the cookware when it is still hot. After the cookware cools down, pour water in it for a few minutes before you wash so that all the stains come out easily. 

5. Triply Can Become Non Stick with the Right Seasoning:

If you have bought a triply frypan because you prefer cooking in non-coated cookware, you should know that your cookware will require seasoning for the first few times before it starts acting like a non stick. 

Seasoning is not an art but there is a right way to do it.

It makes sense to season properly before the first 4 to 5 uses. After that, your triply frypan or kadhai is ready to use as a non stick cookware. A question that we often get asked is whether washing affects the seasoning of the pan. If you use harsh soaps and abrasive scrubbers to clean your triply cookware, your seasoning is likely going to get affected. Use light soapy water to clean your frypan so that it does not have any impact on the seasoning of the pan. 

Triply stainless steel cookware is the most efficient form of cooking. It is the right balance of healthy cooking and an enjoyable cooking experience. It might be a slight change in your cooking habits but it is a step towards a better lifestyle.

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