Steel Kitchen Fry pan (Without Lid) - Triply Artisan Series

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The Cutest and Most Versatile Frypan!

The Uncoated Small Frypan from Stahl is a product that has set a benchmark in utility, quality, and efficiency. Its size makes it ideal for small families and for singles or those looking to make small portions. This is a non-coated frypan that is a must-have in the kitchen because of its ease of handling, ergonomic details, and versatility. 

This stainless steel kitchen frypan is made in triply material which has three layers sandwiched together through the entire body of the utensil, providing an unparalleled cooking experience.

In order to act as a non-stick pan, this frypan needs to be seasoned. 

Not sure which size suits your needs? Check out our sizing guide.


Proudly Made in India!

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