Dosa Tawa - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series

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A Tawa that's a Superhero!


The Stahl Artisan Hybrid Tawa is the best dosa tawa for you if you are looking for durability and chip-proof stick resistant coating.

HexaRidge Technology: This tawa has a German technology Greblon coating which is embedded in a honeycomb structure. The ridges of the honeycomb structure are elevated so that there is no contact of the spatula on the stick resistant tawa, giving it five times the life of any other coated tawa on the market. You can use a metal spatula on it, or even a knife!

The Stahl Artisan Hybrid Tawa, is made of triply technology. This tava can be used on an induction base as well as a stove top. It is manufactured with utmost care and precision, ensuring an impeccable feel and finish, with great utility and heat efficiency.

This tawa needs to be seasoned before use.

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Proudly Made in India!

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