Non Stick Frypan - Triply Artisan Nevrstick Series

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This Non-Stick Frypan is your Saviour in the Kitchen!

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The Stahl NevrStick Frypan series is a big leap forward from the non-stick cooking experience that you have been used to. It’s a non-stick experience that has been keenly designed for superior results. It challenges everything you know, have heard about or experienced with non-stick cookware. 

Made of the finest Greblon Coating in the World, this frypan is 100% PFOA free. It can be used for baking, shallow frying, sautéing too. This product does not need to be seasoned before use.  

What made this non stick pans the best? It is made of triply material that promotes even heat distribution for fast, healthy, hassle-free cooking. Your food comes in 0% contact with Aluminium. 

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Proudly Made in India!

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