Triply: The Best-kept Secret of Healthy Living

Triply: The Best-kept Secret of Healthy Living

Nothing beats your concern for a filling and healthy diet. Who doesn't crave to savour a tasty cuisine every day without an undesired calorie build-up? Being a part of a transforming era of healthy and safe living, you know your choices better than ever. There has been an intelligent upgrade to your food preferences. Your taste for a satisfying brunch or dinner has taken up a new shape.

Your food preferences being sorted, your next concern is the selection of the ideal cookware because the right cookware keeps the food healthy and enhances nutrition value. It's time your kitchen rises to a level higher and steps ahead of aluminium and stainless steel cookware. While aluminium and stainless steel have been materials of choice for generations, they are limited by their ability to be healthy and efficient at the same time. ¬†That‚Äôs where triply as a material wins ‚Äď it is perhaps the only material that is versatile, efficient and sustainable at the same time.

Stahl has pioneered the use of triply to make cookware in India. From the bestselling triply kadhai to the trailblazer triply pressure cooker, Stahl has innovated in this category to provide products that combine utility and user-centric design.

You are used to the usual Aluminium and Stainless steel cookware for daily usage, which serves the purpose fine but triply makes it even better.


Aluminium Cookware

Aluminium certainly has a few qualities that once made it the most common choice in cookware.

  • It is lightweight and hence easy to handle.
  • It is durable and qualifies as a lasting cookware.
  • It is a good conductor for manufacturing cooking appliances.¬†

Although, you can't deny there are areas where cookware made up of aluminium performs pathetically. For instance:

  • Its tendency to produce a metallic taste in food.
  • Also, it often gives a silvery colour to the cooked food.
  • When exposed to sour ingredients, aluminium is known to leach in food.
  • It cannot be used on an induction cooker.
  • It is not dishwasher-safe.

Surprised, you once thought it was the best you have got?


Stainless Steel Cookware

Being a more popular choice of cookware, stainless steel has its pros:

  • It is a notch higher in durability
  • It performs better as a cookware
  • The correct grade steel has a non-reactive surface, keeping your food safe.

On the other hand, Stainless steel has certain disadvantages that you just can’t neglect:

  • Its poor heat conduction lowers its efficiency
  • It has poor heat control due to uneven heating, often resulting in hotspots and burning your food.
  • It has a tendency of discoloration
  • It consumes a higher amount of oil in order to cook without burning


Triply Cookware

Triply is an evolutionary and modern upgrade in the world of cookware. It is made of three different layers, as you can figure from its name, with the middle layer sandwiched between the top and bottom layers. What makes Triply special is its ability to serve every single cooking need, each layer dedicated to performing different functions, giving you a complete, hassle-free, and healthy cooking experience while enhancing your food quality.

Triply is an innovation in cookware with three distinct layers to build a product that does it all. The top layer is made of superior food Grade quality stainless Steel SS304, which looks after your health. The bottom layer is built of SS430 Durable Magnetic Stainless Steel, making it induction friendly. Provided with an Express Heat Conducting Material in the middle, triply is an excellent heat conductor. Triply is also equipped with the benefits of being user-friendly, and durable. The cookware range is quick to heat and retains it evenly throughout the surface. It is made with non-reactive stainless steel of the highest quality, so whatever you cook comes in contact with only the healthiest material. Triply cookware has many varieties like triply pressure cooker, triply tawa, stainless steel tope, stainless steel tawa, etc. Be it a quick lunch or unannounced guests, triply can win you every cooking battle. It also works well both on gas and induction and is dishwasher friendly too.

Being one of the best non stick cookware brands in the market, Stahl is committed to manufacturing the finest-quality Triply cookware range. The brand is a leader for products like Stahl Pressure cooker, Stahl Artisan Saucepan, Stahl Mikro Fry Pan, Stahl Tope, etc., and given the benefits and the premium look and feel, Stahl’s triply products are now a part of thousands of families across India. Check out the Complete Product Range by Stahl and make a healthy cooking choice today.


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