Xpress Pressure Cooker

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India's First ISI Mark Triply Stainless Steel Cooker

Xpress Cooker is India's first ISI-certified triply pressure cooker. This Broad shaped Xpress Cooker is a great shape if you like to cook with inserts or accessories or need to cook in larger portions. 

Safest & Fastest Steel Cooker on the Market

What makes this Broad Xpress Cooker the fastest Pressure Cooker? It is made with the finest quality of triply material which conducts heat extremely efficiently, ensuring that you don't waste your time waiting for your food to cook. Pressure cooking retains nutrients and taste in food making it a great way to prepare your everyday meals.

Every Stahl Xpress pressure cooker has been meticulously tested for quality. Its specially designed inner gasket provides double protection while on flame. Every Stahl Cooker undergoes at least 18 stringent quality checks and is tested at six times the pressure it is built to handle. It comes with a 5-year warranty

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Proudly Made in India.

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