Stahl Xpress Pressure Cooker Safety Features Walkthrough

Stahl Xpress Cooker Safety Features Walkthrough

One of the key factors that pushed most cooking aficionados towards cooking is the sight of loved ones opening the lid of the cookers to wrap our senses with the unmistakable aroma of our favorite delicacy. Be it mutton curry, pulav, lamb chops, cake, biryani, or the quintessential Dal & Rice, a pressure cooker is the most preferred cooking partner in most of the kitchens in India. Apart from being efficient and extremely durable, it is a device that demands your undivided attention and a lot of precision. After all, you are dealing with a device that can generate up to 15 psi of pressure in a closed container with a relatively small volume. And inside that margin, a lot can potentially go wrong.


A Pressure Cooker is a sealed container which is typically used with liquid boiling inside it to generate steam, which in turn creates pressure. The pressure building inside the vessel increases the boiling point of liquid and cooks food without losing its aroma and flavor. When the cooker is heated, the pressure is released through the vent tube. But in the event that some food blocks the passage of steam through vent tube of the pressure cooker, the pressure building inside would have no way to regulate. Fortunately, with the double safety mechanism in Stahl Xpress cookers, you don’t need to worry about extreme circumstances at all. The stainless steel safety valve and silicone gasket make sure your cooking experience is 100% safe. 


Safety valve of the pressure cooker – what is it and how to replace it? 

Have you noticed a screw-like thing on the top of the lid of your Xpress cooker? It is called the safety valve. If you flip the lid to see how it looks from the inside, you will find a nut with what looks like a screw. In the middle of the screw, you will find a material filled along its center. This acts like a safety plug that gives a way out to the steam in case other mechanisms fail. 

In case you forget to turn off the heat or the vent tube of your cooker is blocked, Stahl Xpress Pressure Cookers safety measures are designed in such a way that the excess pressure generated inside the vessel never stays trapped. 

This is achieved through intuitive design and clever engineering. If the vent tube is clogged due to deposition of food particles, the steam inside the cooker causes the safety plug which is lodged in the safety valve to melt and create an outlet to release the excess pressure. 

Once the safety valve goes off, it must be replaced before the cooker can be re-used. You can replace the valve easily at home using readily available tools. To do so, just follow these simple steps and save yourself the trouble of going to the nearest store.





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Gasket Release System – Another line of defense 

If you are using the Stahl Xpress Pressure Cooker, you will find a silicone ring along the circumference of the lid. That ring is called the gasket. A silicone gasket is better than a rubber gasket because of its high resistance to tear and fungal growth, and better ability to stretch compared to rubber . In normal functioning, the safety gasket is designed to bulge as steam builds up, sealing the pressure inside the pan. But in case of blockage of the vent tube, this gasket also acts as a safety mechanism.

If the vent tube gets clogged and the pressure inside the vessel has nowhere to escape, the gasket is designed to expand out of the lid and make room for the excess pressure to escape.

This system is called the Gasket Release System or GRS. That way, the silicone gasket and the stainless-steel safety valve reduce the risk factor involved in using a pressure device like a pressure cooker to zero. Here’s how GRS works.

3 things that may cause the safety systems to come in play  

A pressure cooker is a cooking device that’s easy and complicated to use at the same time if you don’t know how it works. But if you’re new to this, these are 3 things you need to look out for.

Filling the pan above two thirds full 

 Food items like pasta can swell and can cause an imbalance in the proportion and go above the said limit of two-thirds full which might cause clogging in the vent tube.

 Clogging due to froth 

 Cooking beans, rice, or oats might release foam which might clog the vent tube and start building pressure without a means to escape.

 Not using enough water 

 If the level of liquid is insufficient, the dry boiling which may also set off the safety systems.

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 The bottom line is……

The ultimate reason for having these safety systems in place is to avoid grievous injuries. While designing the Stahl Xpress Pressure Cooker, safety has been the prime concern. These highly durable cookers were the first triply pressure cookers in India to get the ISI certification, making them one of the safest pressure cookers in India. Not only do they go through 18 stringent quality checks, but also go through a special pressure test that subjects the vessel to six times the standard pressure. The product is shipped to you only if it passes all the rigorous quality checks. Get your Stahl Xpress Pressure Cooker today and experience pure cooking joy.


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