How COVID-19 changed our Cooking Habits & how India’s Best Cookware Brand made a Difference

How COVID-19 changed our Cooking Habits & how India’s Best Cookware Brand made a Difference

To say that the pandemic changed our lives irrevocably is an understatement. Since 2020, we have all restructured and readjusted our lives to the New Normal - be it working-from-home or social distancing or becoming home chefs. With the whole country under lockdown, every home started experimenting with different recipes and styles of cooking, as an avenue to express themselves and utilize time productively.

One of the biggest effects of the pandemic in our kitchens was the paranoia and extra care that it brought along with it. All of us became habituated to scrubbing and cleaning our vegetables with vigour as well as our cooking surfaces. Our awareness towards eating healthy and using quality ingredients increased. The need to combat the virus meant that our eating habits were more regulated, hygienic, and definitely more deliberate. Gone were the days of random take-outs and dodgy street food.


For Indian cooking, the focus towards health & efficiency has increased

For a country as vast and diverse as India, the pandemic brought seismic changes that were felt in every avenue of life. In the kitchen, which was traditionally a woman’s domain, there came a shift in thinking - men started venturing into the kitchen, experimenting with cuisines and soon, Sunday cooking became a Daddy Domain. For foodies, here was a chance to experiment with more elaborate forms of cooking like baking, home-made chutneys, grandma-told recipes, etc. In line with the increased awareness and interest in cooking, the need for better cookware became more apparent. Cookware that could cook smarter, more versatile, faster and keep the food healthy.

With an increased awareness about healthier cooking, there was a heightened interest in materials used for cooking. Triply became the material of choice for those who wanted sustainability, durability, and health. Stahl was the first brand in India to manufacture cookware in the triply material. A perfect amalgamation of design and stunning craftsmanship, triply cookware has been capturing the imagination and patronage of discerning Indian consumers who truly believe that good cooking begins from using the best cookware.


Why Triply makes Sense

Every cookware at Stahl is designed for healthy and efficient cooking. Its Triply Technology consists of three different layers, a middle layer of aluminium sandwiched between top and bottom layers of superior grade stainless steel. This helps the cookware to get all the heat conduction benefits of aluminium while ensuring that the food has 0% contact with it.

The benefits that stand out for Stahl’s triply cookware are:

  • Fewer hotspots due to even heat distribution
  • Dishwasher safe and induction friendly
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Lesser Oil
  • Durable and Long Lasting

Selected as the ‘Most prestigious Brand of 2021-2022’, Stahl continues to focus on creating a range of cookware that is the perfect blend of style, health, and efficiency. It is no wonder that Stahl has gradually gained popularity for being one of the best triply cookware brands in India.

Another important aspect that came to light in the wake of the pandemic was the need to have cookware that is versatile so that you could get more done out of less. Cookware which would look stunning to serve in and could perform efficiently while cooking. Stahl has gone above and beyond to take care of this feature.

The entire range of cookware at Stahl is built to enhance ease and convenience while cooking with versatility at its core.


Cooking habits are constantly evolving in India and Stahl is keeping pace

As we enter the third year of the COVID pandemic it is clear that going forward, India will definitely be more focused on home-cooking, healthier modes of cooking and modernising traditional Indian recipes to factor in nutrition, hygiene, and fitness.

With a range of cookware that encompasses Stahl Pressure Cooker, Stahl Artisan Saucepan, Stahl Mikro Fry Pan, Stahl Stainless Steel Tope, Stahl NevrStick Tawa, Stahl Artisan Deep Kadhai, etc.. The brand is redefining the concepts of cooking and aiming to making cooking nothing but Pure Cooking Joy.

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