Artisan Tadka Pan

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Tempering flavours in triply.

The Stahl Triply Tadka Pan tempers a dish, elevating it from simple to outstanding. The aroma, the heat, the spices, they infuse flavour, fragrance and a flourish to a meal. And this is all done with ease with our thoughtfully designed triply tadka pan.
The Perfect Pour: The easy pour-lip makes transfers simple, while preventing oil splashes and spills.
Anti-topple Stand: The integrated silicone stand was innovated for balance, sturdiness and makes for the perfect rest pose for the pan.
Stay Cool Handle: Crafted at the perfect length, the stay cool handle prevents startled movement and spills.
Even Heat Distribution: Heats up uniformly, even on a low flame.
Triply: With the triply advantage, the tadka pan can infuse the flavours of the spice on a low flame, without burning.

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