Kadhai - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series

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About this item:

  • Ultra light: Unlike traditional cast iron kadhais, Blacksmith Plus kadhais weigh 50% lighter.
  • Infuse iron: With the help of Nitride tech, our cast iron kadhais infuse vital iron into your food, making them healthier for you and your family.
  • Fight rust: With nitride tech, our cast iron kadhais put up a good fight against rust, so they serve you for a longer time.
  • Stay cool handle: We swapped out the traditional handles with ergonomic, stainless steel handles. So while the surface heats up evenly, the handles remain cool. 
  • Low maintenance: Our cast iron kadhais are easy to clean and easier to maintain. These kadhais make cooking easy and cleaning enjoyable (for a change).
  • Compatibility: Made for every kitchen, our cast iron kadhais work well with a cooktop, induction stove and OTG.
  • Guilt-free cooking: Season our cast iron kadhais once and you won't need too much oil to cook or worry about the food sticking to their surface.
  • Durable: These cast iron kadhais are long-lasting and durable. So along with your beloved family recipes, these kadhais can be passed on for generations.

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