Engrave - Artisan Mikro Frypan (Without Lid)- 12 cm (240 ml)

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Cook, Serve, Style!

Behold the cutie that knows its way around the kitchen!

This Stahl Mikro Frypan is made in the finest quality triply material and is great to cook or serve in single portions. What makes it unique is its beautiful finish and perfect size that can be used to make as well as style your meals! 

If you're someone who loves functionality and style in your kitchen, Stahl's Artisan Mikro series is ideal for you. Cookware that not just looks good but feels good too!

Great to Make: Pancakes, eggs, Crepes, Chilla, or mini uthappams

Stahl Artisan Mikro Frypans have the following features:

OMNI-HEAT: Quick and uniform heat distribution with no hotspots for quick and healthy cooking.

TRIPLY: Made of high-quality triply stainless steel.

OVEN SAFE: This Mikro frypan can be used in the Oven and is ideal for cooking, baking, and serving.

DISHWASHER FRIENDLY: This Mikro frypan is dishwasher safe. 

INDUCTION FRIENDLY: This product works well on Induction Cooktops too!

Proudly Made in India!