Shop & Save with Stahl Reward Points

Earn with Every Spend !

Every purchase made on this website earns you loyalty points! You can earn one point with every Rupee spent on the website. These points can help you get a discount on your next purchase on the website. 

Here are a few FAQs about how to earn and redeem your loyalty points :

1) How do I enroll to earn points on my purchase on Stahl website ?

On the home page of this website sign up to create an account. If you already have an account, log in. Continue with your shopping and after checkout and successful payment, your points will automatically get added to your account. Please remember that your points will be added to your account only if you log in before your purchase. If you login or create an account after you finish your purchase, you will not be able to earn points on it. 

Earn points with Stahl

2) What is the validity of my points on Stahl website?

Your points do not have a validity period. You can use them at any time in the future that you choose! They can also be used for purchases that your friends or relatives make on the Stahl website. Simply give them your account details to log into before they make the purchase (make sure you pass the information only to someone you trust)

3) Where do I see my reward points?

Your reward points can be seen after you log into your account on on this website. On the home page, locate the Rewards button on the bottom right corner. You will find all details of your points there.

4) Help! My reward points did not get added.

Check if you forgot to login before your purchase. Your purchase will only earn you reward points if you are logged into your account on the website before you buy something. If you did login and still can't see your points, write to us at and we will be happy to help.

5) Can I share my Stahl reward points?

Yes! You can share your reward points earned on with friends and family. Make sure that they purchase their Stahl products from the Stahl website only. They must be logged into your account on the website to redeem the points for a discount. For security reasons, only share your username and password details with the people you trust. 

6) How do I redeem my points on my next Stahl purchase?

Log in to your account on this website. Check the status of your reward points, choose the number of points you would like to redeem. Click on redeem and copy the discount code that can be used for discount on the checkout page.