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Cooker Duo (3L & 5L)
  • Rs. 6,980.00
  • Rs. 5,949.00 14% OFF


Xpress Pressure Cooker
  • Rs. 4,080.00
  • From Rs. 3,449.00 15% OFF


Xpress Cooker- Baby
  • Rs. 3,180.00
  • From Rs. 2,699.00 15% OFF


Xpress Cooker- Pan
  • Rs. 4,480.00
  • Rs. 3,799.00 15% OFF


Versatil Cooker
  • Rs. 7,180.00
  • From Rs. 6,099.00 15% OFF


Xpress Cooker - Belly / Handi
  • Rs. 4,180.00
  • From Rs. 3,549.00 15% OFF


Engrave - Cooker Duo (3L & 5L)
  • Rs. 6,980.00
  • Rs. 5,949.00 14% OFF

The essence of Indian cuisine is in its ingredients, no doubt; however, we must also acknowledge the range of cookware used in the Indian kitchens for it equally contributes to its overall appearance, texture, and even taste. From tandoor, slow cooking, to pressure cooking, it’s the cookware too that puts recipes on the world map.

The pressure cooker, especially, has an important place, not just in the kitchens but also in the hearts of all home cooks in India, for it ensures efficient cooking while maintaining the nutrient levels of the foods cooked in it. The food cooks faster in a steel pressure cooker than cooking in open cookware as it reaches the temperature faster, while maintaining the nutrients of the food. Thus, the food cooks faster, reducing the cooking. 

One must, however, realise that due to this exponential rise in the cooking temperature, appropriate safety measures are of utmost importance in pressure cookers.

We, at Stahl, have designed our pressure cookers so you can enjoy pure joy of cooking without worrying about the risks.

Read to know more about Stahl’s range of cookers.


Stahl Pressure Cooker

Stahl pressure cookers are designed to make cooking pure joy for you, while ensuring your safety. Our pressure cookers go through 18 stringent quality tests. They are tested at 6x operating pressure and are equipped with double safety mechanism that allows for excess pressure to be released, making it safer to use.

These measures are taken in each variety of Stahl pressure cooker. If you are not aware about the types of cookers we have, here’s a crisp summary of each one.


Types of Cookers

Our range of cookers vary in sizes to suit your requirements. They are designed for better functionality, ease and safety. These outer lid pressure cookers have some unique features that are sure to elevate your cooking experience any given day. 

  • Xpress Cooker Baby - Made for small families or for the times you want to cook smaller portions. This one, in particular, is a favorite among new mothers, who often find cooking smaller portions of baby food quite cumbersome in the usual-sized cookers.
  • Xpress Cooker Pan – This cookware functions as a pan as well as a pressure cooker. It is a great cookware for sautéing, searing, roasting, etc., before pressure cooking foods.
  • Xpress Pressure Cooker Broad – This one is built for large families and efficiently cooks large portions of foods. It is also a great cooker to cook with inserts.
  • Xpress Cooker Belly/Handi – This cooker is also apt for large portions, but it is particularly efficient for cooking Handi recipes.
  • Versatil Cooker – The versatile cooker can be used as a saucepot/casserole as well as a pressure cooker. This cooker is also useful to cook with inserts, and you can serve in it too!


Pressure Cooker Price

The triply pressure cooker price depends on the type you purchase and its size. You get high-quality pressure cookers with double safety mechanisms starting at Rs. 3,180/-. Click here to check the entire range of Stahl pressure cookers.


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  1. What are the common pressure cooker problems?

Longer time to cook food, damaged gasket, and trouble fitting the lid are some of the most common pressure cooker problems people face. Our range of pressure cookers takes care of these issues effectively. Our cookers are made with quality triply material, which ensure food cooks fast and evenly. They have durable, high-quality silicone gaskets that last longer than the rubber gasket. Also, Stahl pressure cooker come with outer lid which are designed for ease of use and hassle free cooking.. 


  1. How much cooking time does a pressure cooker reduce?

As explained earlier, pressure cookers cook foods at 30 psi as opposed to 14 psi when cooking foods in an open cookware. This cuts the cooking time drastically. Also, if you use a triply pressure cooker instead of a usual cooker, your cooking time will be reduced furthermore, and your food will be cooked uniformly even on medium to medium-high temperatures.