Deep Frypan - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series

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Toss. Sauté. Fry.
The Stahl Artisan Hybrid Wok is designed different for your different cooking styles.
Made with Triply and enhanced with Hexaridge technology, this wok is stick-resistant, durable and metal spoon friendly.

Use it for:

Stir frying dishes
Deep frying


HexaRidge Technology: The ridges and valleys created by this technology, ensures that the metal from any ladle, spatula, tongs (or even a knife) can’t scratch this stick-resistant cookware. 

Triply: The triply advantage with the stainless steel body, heat conducting core and magnetic base, ideal for the induction stove too.

Even Heat Distribution: Heats up uniformly, even on a low flame.

Ergonomic Design: Fitted with stainless steel handles for a cool, easy grip, this wok is easy to use when tossing, flipping and frying.

Dishwasher Safe

Safe: 100% toxin and PFOA free