Top 5 Kitchen Must-Haves for Every Home Chef

Top 5 Kitchen Must-Haves for Every Home Chef

What does it mean to be a home chef? A home chef is a superhuman who is taking care of home duties while also working passionately on making cooking and catering a career. While the rest of us get the chance to ‘escape’ or ‘delegate’ responsibilities at home while we work or go to office, most home chefs will tell you that it is not an option for them. In fact, that is how they have discovered their passion for food- after making loving meals for the family day in- day out for years.

COVID-19 made hobby cooks and home chefs out of many men and women. Whether it was the excitement of cooking new cuisines for the restaurant-craving family or questioning of life’s priorities that shifted these people towards cooking, many have taken the plunge of making careers out of their passion.

When you start out, it’s convenient to use the same cookware that you use for your family for your home-chef venture too. But as you scale up and get creative, you need kitchen tools that can keep up!

We have rounded up the 5 coolest must-haves for a home chef that are super versatile and gorgeous at the same time.


1. Detachable Handle + Tasla

As a home chef, you’d agree that kitchen space is a big constraint. Until you can shift to a big, commercial kitchen, it’s best to use the space that you have smartly. The Tasla Kadhai makes so much sense for a home chef! Mainly because while you might require many sizes of Kadhais for your cooking, Kadhais with handles are not always stackable. Stahl Tasla Kadhais are made to be perfectly stackable inside each other, making them the perfect choice for creative cooks who like to have cookware but also save space. But how would you use them as a wok, you ask? The detachable handle is the perfect accessory to go with the Tasla. It is heat proof, easy to store, sturdy and transforms the humble Tasla into a wok instantly. Smart, isn’t it?


2. Dutch Oven / Casserole

A seasoned expert like a home chef would know that slow cooking is the ultimate form of luxury when it comes to food. Be it slow cooked meat or slow cooked Dal Makhani, there’s nothing to beat the luscious taste of something that’s been cooking on low heat for hours. Most chefs would tell you about the one or two pieces of cookware that they passionately possess and don’t let anyone else touch, let alone use. Often you would find that a cast iron frypan or Dutch oven is a part of that repertoire. A Dutch Oven is a saucepot with thick walls that has a lid that fits it snugly. It is used for braising, slow cooking and can be put into the oven too. This cookware allows you to make one pot dishes, biryanis, sourdough bread and a host of other luxurious dishes that are not only delicious but also truly memorable. In short, it is a must have for any home chef. Want a more convenient version of the saucepot? Try the Triply Casserole from Stahl. It doesn’t need seasoning, is thick enough for slow cooking, braising and pretty much all you would wish to do in the Dutch oven. And isn’t as time consuming to maintain as its cast iron!


3. Versatil Pressure Cooker

Saying a pressure cooker is essential for any kitchen is like saying food tastes better with salt. As a home chef, you might prefer one of the many kinds of pressure cookers. The traditional pressure cooker is always an excellent choice and most kitchens in India own one or more of these. Stahl’s Stainless Steel Triply Pressure Cookers are the slightly modern take to the traditional pressure cooker, given that they cook much faster, evenly, and healthier than their peers. Then there also are those who might prefer instant pots. But have you considered the clasp-on type of pressure cookers? They are gorgeous, robust, and extremely versatile. They double up as a pan and Stahl’s Versatil Cooker also comes with a glass lid that enables steaming. They can be used on induction, gas stove and can also be washed in the dishwasher. As a home chef, you might want to buy the bigger (5-liter pressure cooker) variants to make larger quantities for your clients.


4. Mikro Frypan and Saucepan

Chances are that if you are a home chef, you are also using social media to spread awareness about your business and get more clients. Recipes and food related content is extremely popular across channels like Instagram and YouTube and for that, you need to stock up on pretty looking cookware that is also practical to use in the kitchen. The Mikro series of frypans and saucepanare absolutely adorable to serve in and because they are triply, they can be cooked with too! At home, you can use it to serve dips and salsa or use it to make single servings of eggs and tea. What’s better for a home chef than cookware that not just looks good but is high in utility too?


5. Hybrid Frypan

There are several reasons why you should choose a hexa-ridge technology stick resistant pan if you are a home chef. Firstly, they are extremely durable. Unlike regular non-stick coated pans, you do not have to worry about using a wooden spatula in these frypans. You can easily use regular metal spoons or spatulas without worrying about the coating coming off. Secondly, although they need to be seasoned, over time they perform just as beautifully as a non-stick frypan with the added advantage of a longer life. And the third reason why home chefs should own a Hybrid Frypan is because it is made in triply stainless steel with 0% contact with aluminum. Triply ensures that your food is cooked faster and uses 20% lesser oil than your other cookware.

Home chefs need a wide variety of cookware to help them fulfill orders from clients. You would often find yourself cooking an exotic variety of foods at any given time. Your cookware must keep up with your creative hands. Your pots and pans need to be at the very least versatile, easy-to-maintain, and ergonomic. Look for smart time and space saving solutions in your kitchen to make it a more functional and high-utility space.

Did you know that buying on Stahl’s website also lets you personalize your cookware? A great little feature that can make you feel more connected with your cookware each time you cook!

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