How is Millennial India Veering Towards Premium Cookware


How is Millennial India veering towards Premium Cookware: Experimentation, Hygiene, Awareness, and Design

Cooking is no more just about having a meal sorted or filling up the tummy. With the changing times, cooking and everything around it has drastically started to change. Since the onset of the pandemic, the Millennials, most of whom were not that inclined to cook their own meals and being busy with work and career, now have developed an opinion and taste for cooking. With the new work-from-home culture, there is now more time to focus on individual choices of food along with the rising awareness towards health and hygiene.

Standing in the present, if we look back a few years, we can clearly see how the whole picture and perspective towards cooking and food preferences have changed. Talking about millennials, they were majorly born in families with just one person being in charge of the kitchen. The preferences in food were more on the rich, spicy, and oily side. There used to be predefined hours of the day where, usually, the whole family would come together for a meal. Undoubtedly, it was the females of the house who looked after all the kitchen and cooking needs.

Now with the changing tides, the adult turned millennials have been more occupied in careers and fulfilling their ambitions. With the health awareness campaigns on the rise everywhere, people have started growing more concerned and choosier about their food. Everyone has their own diet plan and preferences based on their lifestyle and needs. Millennials now prefer taking care of their own food requirements on their own and the association of a particular gender with kitchen activities is now declining.

What constitutes the life of a millennial?

To be precise, it is health, career, and family life (in the same order). Having been part of two completely different times, millennials have understood the importance of fulfilling their dreams and taking their life to new heights. But what they have also realized are the requirements for that to happen i.e., health. Hence, to cope with the challenging work and undefined working hours, every individual has started to notice their physical and mental health requirements. Needless to say, food being the first basic commodity required to sustain a healthy living, they do not compromise with the type and quality of their food, and anything related to it.



Top-quality ingredients are now in more demand as the millennials like everything about them to be the best and nothing else. So has changed the choices in what cookware to use for a better cooking experience, keeping the ease of cooking in mind. To ensure this, the millennials are now siding with premium cookware. Be it a non-stick kadhai or stainless steel cookware, the best is what they are looking for.

At Stahl, this drift in the culture of health-driven cooking is largely taken into notice. We have the needs of every adult sorted, be it any age. Our concern is not just to deliver the best quality non-stick cookware but also to make sure that the products make the cooking experience easier even for beginners. What else do the millennials look for other than quality cookware? Indeed, it is the style and durability that match their way of life.


Millennials are modern adults and only quality is not enough to satisfy their needs. They are equally particular about the sustainability and the designs of each cookware to compliment their lifestyle. But design is not just about style and the look, more importantly, it is about the user-friendliness of each product. As millennials are far more experimental and adventurous in the kitchen, the right kind of cookware ensures easy handling and safety.


Although health and hygiene have become of much concern to the millennials, they still want the least hassle and post-cooking measures. This can only be justified with the best quality non-stick cookware and stainless steel cookware. Designed to keep the food safe and healthy as well as easy to clean after every use.

Stahl is constantly matching the needs of the new-age cooking millennials who choose only the best and nothing else to keep themselves ready for all times.

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