Buying the Perfect Triply Pressure Cooker

Buying the Perfect Triply Pressure Cooker

While looking for a pressure cooker that serves your cooking needs, stainless steel should be the material of your choice. With a pressure of 12 to 15 psi and minimal energy consumption, a stainless steel cooker reduces cooking time, is easy to clean and maintain, and does not react with food. As the name ‘stainless’ suggests, the cooker resists blots and smudges, and does not absorb dirt. Stainless steel cookers are rust-proof and undergo no discoloration, making them long-lasting and hygienic. As stainless steel distributes heat evenly, it’s ideal for cooking. And of course, stainless steel cookware is visually much appealing and classy. The most convenient feature of stainless steel cooker is that it can be used on any cook-top, spanning gas burners, charcoal, induction tops and ceramics.

All these features make stainless steel is a good choice in cookers, and now there’s something even better: Triply Pressure Cooker. A Triply cooker is intelligently engineered cookware that generates up to 17 psi of pressure, reducing cook time by almost 25% compared to stainless steel. An advancement in stainless steel, Triply cookers are durable, extremely hygienic, corrosion-proof, non-reactive, and elegant. With their superior heat distribution, they can also function as saucepans. Being user-friendly, they perform flawlessly even in the hands of a beginner.


Things to evaluate when purchasing a cooker

Pressure cookers are an integral part of every Indian kitchen. They demand a reasonable amount of research and thinking before purchasing. Fundamentally, there are four for buying the best pressure cooker:

  1. A pressure cooker should be is ergonomically designed, making your cooking process easier and saving you both time and resources. A pressure cooker is intended to minimize the cooking time, while holding the heat and steam tightly inside for minimal energy consumption. The gasket must enable better heat and steam trapping.
  2. This brings us to your second concern: safety. There are two distinct types of pressure cookers – inner lid and outer lid. The lid of the inner lid pressure cookers is fastened from the inside, and the outer lid is just the opposite. The outer lid design is safer, as the inner lid cookers often have the risk of spills, and faster gasket wearing. Outer lid cookers ease the pressure on the gasket, making it last longer.
  3. The pressure regulator, gasket, safety valve in pressure cooker and spring vents are operational parts of a pressure cooker that regulate the pressure inside and facilitate the cooking process. These are extended accessories of a pressure cooker and need replacement after a certain duration. Hence, the availability and durability of these crucial spare parts is the next concern to address.
  4. Finally, we come to the design, looks and finishing. What makes a pressure cooker stand out is its appearance. A brilliantly designed cooker not just improves your cooking experience but also saves up space in your kitchen. A Triply pressure cooker is certainly much attractive as it is resistant to staining and easy to clean.


Cleaning and maintaining your cooker

Although stainless steel cookers perform exceptionally in every way, they demand cautiousness and attention. To save your precious cookers from contusion, damage, and corrosion, follow these simple guidelines:

For stainless steel cooker:

  • Rinse it thoroughly in warm, soapy water
  • Add vinegar to the water for removing residual manufacturing oils
  • Dry with a soft cloth

For nonstick stainless steel pressure Cooker:

  • Condition it using 5 ml of vegetable oil preceding first use
  • Using a soft cloth, gently mop the oil on the interior
  • Redo this process once every few months


A few cooking tips to make your cooker last longer:

  • Add salt only after the water boils. Adding salt before boiling the water leaves permanent tiny spots in the cooker's bottom
  • Avoid using very cold foods. Steel contracts on contact with a cold temperature. Allow meat and other substances from the freezer to settle for 10 to 15 minutes at room temperature
  • Preheat at low temperature. Since high-quality stainless steel efficiently holds heat, your cooker may burn the food if preheated at a high temperature
  • Cool off your cooker completely before you wash it. Exposing a hot stainless steel cooker to cold water might cause permanent warping.
  • Use non-abrasive cleaners and sponges. Rough scrubbers and extreme cleaning products like bleach can irritate stainless steel and sabotage its look. Also, using these products might nullify your warranty.


Cleaning a stainless steel cooker with baking soda

The most popular way to clean any stainless steel cookware is using baking soda and water. It is a method that helps remove food blots. Clean your cooker immediately after cooking for easier and more effective cleaning.

  • Start by covering the inside bottom of the cooker with baking soda.
  • Add about a half cup of water depending on the size of the cooker.
  • Scrub around the bottom and edges of the cooker until there is a paste-like consistency covering the whole cooker.
  • Keep the cooker this way for some time and then wash it clean with warm water.
  • Your cooker now has a new look!


Cleaning with salt and lime

Using salt and lime is another effective way to clear food marks from your cooker. The acidity of the lime juice and the mild abrasiveness of salt helps get rid of stubborn food spots.

  • Squeeze some lime juice on the cooker.
  • Add a couple of spoons of table salt to it.
  • Allow the lime juice and salt to react in the cooker.
  • Sprinkle some more salt into the cooker and apply the mixture thoroughly with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Wash with warm soapy water to get a clean cooker.


Why is Stahl the preferred choice?

Stahl is a leading brand guided by a consumer-centric ideology to deliver nothing but the best cookware. Stahl Xpress Cookers are way ahead of other pressure cookers. They are made of three distinct layers - high-quality stainless steel outside and the best food-grade steel inside, that sandwich the aluminium layer in the middle. These pressure cookers reduce cooking time and energy consumption by nearly 25%. Moreover:

  • Ease of usage: Stahl’s Xpress Cookers come with a simple lid closure mechanism with precisely marked positions for easy handling, unlike other cookers with various challenges like complicated closure, alignment issues and confusing sets of buttons.
  • Longer lifespan: The premium stainless steel outer layer of Stahl Xpress Pressure Cookers makes them perform better on every cook-top and last longer than other cookers.
  • Perfectly even heat distribution: The centre layer of our Triply construction is aluminium, which conducts heat exceptionally well and evenly throughout the cooker.
  • Versatile: The Stahl Xpress Cookers work seamlessly in the kitchen but also look equally stunning on the dining table, thanks to their Cook N Serve feature. Moreover, the Xpress Pan Cooker can be used to whip up a myriad of dishes and can also be used as a pan to fulfil your sauteing needs.
  • Exceptionally safe: The Pressure Cookers by Stahl have a high-quality outer gasket to release excess pressure build-up inside the cooker. They have a premium stainless steel safety valve, ensuring safety and durability.
  • Design and looks: The design and finish of Stahl Cookers are extremely elegant.

With all this knowledge, you would now be ready for the perfect pressure cooker purchase. Make sure to buy yourself the best one. Do consider the options from our list of Triply Pressure Cookers at our website,

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