5 Reasons You Must Have A Saucepan In Your Kitchen



Saucepan is a cookware found in every kitchen. The versatile and generic nature of the saucepan makes it the most vital part of everyday cooking. Saucepan is the most functional piece of cookware that can also be used like a deep pot for cooking gravies and other liquids. Saucepans have a flat bottom, steep sides, and straight edges like a pot with a long handle like a pan and are comparatively deeper than frying pans. The long handle makes it convenient to move around the volume of liquid. Saucepans come with a lid that allows for trapping heat inside the pan.

Saucepans are an essential part of commercial and residential cooking. If you are assembling your kitchen from scratch, you must follow the intent of having the most functional cookware in your kitchen, and therefore you should invest in the saucepan. Saucepan excels at cooking liquid like soup, curries, stewing, etc. Apart from being of great utility, here are some other reasons that will convince you to buy a saucepan for your kitchen: You can find saucepans in different materials in the market, like cast iron, copper, non-stick, and triply stainless steel.

Because of its high sides, a saucepan will help you cook a variety of liquids like gravies, curries, and more, as it helps lock in the moisture of food and prevents excessive evaporation.


  • One of the most used and vital cookware in every kitchen and perfect for cooking liquids, you can cook stews, sauces, and soups in a saucepan. The shallowness of saucepans makes them ideal for cooking needs like thickening sauces and other dishes.
  • Boiling liquids is another thing saucepans efficiently do. They are ideal cookware that can quickly bring liquids to high heat. This feature makes saucepans the perfect cookware for boiling water for preparing dishes like rice, pasta, and noodles much faster than ordinary pots.
  • If the saucepan is compatible to be used over other heating surfaces like induction and oven, then the saucepan will be of more utility. You can use those saucepans to braise. Braising is a method that involves combination cooking. Initially, the food is seared in an open pan and then slowly heated until the food becomes tender.
  • Blanching vegetables is another thing you can do effortlessly with a saucepan. Blanching means cooking vegetables in generously salted water to bring out their flavors and colors.
  • You can use a saucepan for deep frying as well as for poaching. Poaching involves moist-heat cooking in which food is submerged in liquid. Saucepans are best for poaching eggs, pears, etc.
  • Apart from the main course, you can also use a saucepan for churning out sweets and desserts like hot cocoa, several sweets, jams, etc.

Superior quality Triply Stainless Steel saucepans offer an unparalleled cooking experience. The unmatched utility and efficiency of saucepans make them a must-have cookware for your kitchen. You can find a wide range of saucepans in different shapes and sizes that combinedly make up a great set.

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