Artisan Combo Pack

  • Rs. 9,740.00
  • Rs. 8,299.00
  • 14% OFF
  • (inclusive of all taxes)

Stahl’s combo offer is for those who are beginning exciting new journeys in life. Whether it’s a new healthier kitchen, moving away from parents or starting a new life as a couple, Stahl combo packs make a great choice because they combine extremely useful cookware items that help you cook your favorite home cooked dishes.

The Student Starter pack has

- Artisan 16 cm / 1.4 litre Saucepan

- Artisan Kadhai 20 cm / 1.6 litre 

- Xpress Cooker 2.5 litre 

The Family Starter Pack is ideal for a small family and includes

- Artisan Kadhai of 24 cm/ 2.4 litre

- Artisan Frypan of 24 cm /1.8 litre

- Xpress Cooker of 3 Litre

The Kitchen Upgrade pack is perfect if you’d like to move to a more healthier kitchen and includes

- Artisan Kadhai of 24 Cm/2.4 litre

- Artisan Casserole of 22 cm/ 3.8 litre

- Xpress Cooker of 5 litre.