Klasp Handle for Stahl Tasla

  • Rs. 1,080.00
  • (inclusive of all taxes)

Save Space Smartly.

Is your love for kitchen tools making them always fight for space with each other? Are you someone who looks to organize smartly by stacking cookware?

The Stahl Klasp is the perfect hack for saving valuable shelf space. Designed to work beautifully with the Stahl Tasla Kadhai, the Klasp can be used as a detachable handle for easy lifting, pouring and placing. 

Use it as a handle to save you from heat pricks, to help you stir fry like a pro and as an aid to serve fresh, hot food in your beautiful Stahl Tasla. It is made of premium bakelite material that is heat-proof and durable. 

The Klasp is designed to work with all the sizes and types of the Stahl Tasla kadhai. (Artisan and Hybrid)

Features :

Heat Proof : The Klasp is completely heat proof.

Ergonomic : It’s easy to hold and handle and offers an ergonomic grip.

Space Saving : The Klasp needs very little shelf space.

Warranty : 1 Year warranty on manufacturing defects.

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