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Belly Sauce Pot / Casserole - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,380.00
  • From Rs. 2,849.00 15% OFF


Cook & Serve Saucepot/Casserole - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,480.00
  • From Rs. 2,949.00 15% OFF
Xpress Cooker Vent Tube + Dome Nut + Silicone Washer
  • Rs. 65.00


Xpress Cooker - Belly / Handi
  • Rs. 4,180.00
  • From Rs. 3,549.00 15% OFF


Roti Tawa - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series
  • Rs. 2,880.00
  • Rs. 2,449.00 14% OFF


Belly Sauce Pan - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,080.00
  • From Rs. 2,599.00 15% OFF


Saute Pan - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,480.00
  • Rs. 2,949.00 15% OFF
Stahl Gift Card
  • From Rs. 1,000.00

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Grill Pan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series
  • Rs. 3,799.00 15% OFF


Cooker Duo (3L & 5L)
  • Rs. 6,980.00
  • Rs. 5,949.00 14% OFF


Engrave - Cooker Duo (3L & 5L)
  • Rs. 6,980.00
  • Rs. 5,949.00 14% OFF


Kadhai - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series
  • Rs. 3,380.00
  • From Rs. 2,849.00 15% OFF


Frypan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series
  • Rs. 3,080.00
  • From Rs. 2,599.00 15% OFF
Body Long Handle - Xpress Cooker
  • Rs. 85.00
Body Side Handle - Xpress Cooker
  • Rs. 70.00
Versatil Cooker - Gasket
  • Rs. 240.00


Artisan Tadka Pan
  • Rs. 880.00
  • From Rs. 749.00 14% OFF

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Small Kitchen Fry pan (Without Lid) - Triply Artisan Nevrstick Series
  • Rs. 2,199.00 14% OFF


Non Stick Tawa - Triply Artisan Nevrstick Series
  • Rs. 3,080.00
  • From Rs. 2,599.00 15% OFF


Engrave - Xpress Cooker - Belly / Handi
  • Rs. 4,180.00
  • From Rs. 3,649.00 12% OFF


Engrave - Cook & Serve Saucepot/Casserole - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,480.00
  • From Rs. 3,049.00 12% OFF


Engrave - Versatil Cooker
  • Rs. 7,180.00
  • From Rs. 6,199.00 13% OFF


Engrave - Belly Sauce Pot / Casserole - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,380.00
  • From Rs. 2,949.00 12% OFF


Engrave - Belly Sauce Pan - Triply Artisan Series
  • Rs. 3,080.00
  • From Rs. 2,699.00 12% OFF


Engrave - Xpress Cooker- Baby
  • Rs. 3,180.00
  • From Rs. 2,644.00 16% OFF


Engrave - Xpress Cooker- Pan
  • Rs. 4,880.00
  • Rs. 4,249.00 12% OFF


Engrave - Artisan Mikro Saucepan
  • Rs. 1,380.00
  • From Rs. 1,249.00 9% OFF

Quality cookware is essential for every kitchen. Nowadays, you can shop online for cookware from top global brands that emphasize durability, performance, and safety. By buying pots, pans, and other cooking utensils online, you get the convenience of hassle-free home delivery while still ensuring you get the best value for money.
Reputable online stores like Stahl Kitchen offer triply and cast iron cookware which are perfect to suit all cooking requirements and make meal preparation easier.

Best of Stahl's Cookware Collection

Stahl offers a highly diverse range of top-quality cookware beyond excellent saucepots. Their product lineup includes frying pans (tawa), saucepans, frypans, kadhais, pressure cookers, grill pans, mikro pans, and tadka pans etc.

1. Triply Steel Cookware

The Triply Steel Cookware from Stahl is made of 3 layers - stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel - to provide even heating across the cookware.The aluminium core helps distribute heat evenly across the base and up the sides of the pans. Triple cookware also comes fitted with stainless steel handles that are designed to stay cool on the outside, even when the pan gets hot. Matching stainless steel lids are also commonly included. Overall, triply steel cookware is durable, oven-safe, and provides efficient cooking.

The Artisan Series features triply stainless steel construction with an aluminium core for superb cooking ability, while the Artisan Hybrid Series combines the advantages of stainless steel with durable non-stick coatings.

2. Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is made from natural cast iron, which retains heat well. This allows the cookware to keep an even cooking temperature and sear or fry foods very well.

Stahl's premium Blacksmith Plus Series of Cast Iron Cookware is made of durable and natural cast iron that retains heat very well for searing and frying. The Blacksmith Hybrid Series has a cast iron induction base that makes it compatible with all modern cooktops, including induction. Cast iron provides a natural, non-stick surface over time with continued seasoning and use.

Properly seasoning a cast iron pan over time creates a natural non-stick surface. Many cast iron pans nowadays also come pre-seasoned. Cast iron can also be enamelled, which helps prevent rusting and makes cleaning easier while retaining the heat benefits whether plain or enamelled,cast iron works well on all modern stove types, including induction. And it gets better over time with continued use as the natural seasoning develops.

3. Cookers Series

Stahl's Cookers Series includes Stovetop Pressure Cookers available in different capacities for faster cooking and lightweight cast iron that fights rust and needs less seasoning. It also features versatile Multi-Cookers that combine pressure cooking functions and the ability to sauté, steam and more all in one pot. These Cookers have valuable features like safety locks and more for added ease and safety.

Factors While Buying Cookware Online

When buying cookware online, consider the following factors:

1: Material:

Determine the material (stainless steel, cast iron, non-stick, copper, ceramic, etc.) based on your cooking needs and preferences.
Consider heat conductivity, durability, and maintenance requirements of each material.

2: Cooktop Compatibility:

Ensure the cookware is compatible with your cooktop type (induction, gas, electric, ceramic, etc.).
Look for indicators of compatibility in product descriptions.

3: Oven and Dishwasher Safety:

Check if the cookware is oven-safe and up to what temperature. Verify if it is dishwasher-safe for easier cleaning.

4: Non-Stick Coating:

If opting for non-stick cookware, check the type and quality of the coating. Consider durability, ease of cleaning, and whether it's free of harmful chemicals like PFOA.

5: Size and Capacity:

Consider the sizes and capacities of pots and pans to ensure they meet your cooking needs. Look at the dimensions and volume to match your typical meal preparation.

6: Handle and Lid Design:

Look for comfortable, heat-resistant handles that provide a secure grip. Consider whether the cookware includes lids and if they are made of glass (for visibility) or metal.

7: Ease of Cleaning:

Assess the ease of cleaning, especially for non-stick and stainless steel options. Consider if the cookware is dishwasher-safe for convenience.

8: Brand Reputation and Reviews:

Research reputable brands known for quality and durability. Read customer reviews to gauge satisfaction and any common issues with the cookware.

9: Warranty and Return Policy:

Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer.
Ensure there is a clear and flexible return policy in case the cookware does not meet your expectations.

Best Selling Cookware Range

Here are some of the top cookware products available on Stahl Kitchen’s:

1. Artisan Kadhai

This kadhai pot is made with three layers of metal sandwiched together, so it spreads the heat nicely and is great for cooking curries, lentils, etc. The best part about this cookware is that it comes in different sizes to suit different family needs.

2. Artisan Frypan

If you're wary of nonstick pans, this frypan is a good alternative. It has a textured honeycomb coating from German technology that protects the nonstick surface from spatulas and knives. So it's much more durable than regular nonstick.

3. Artisan Saucepan

This saucepan has a cool, rounded shape, almost like a bell. Not only does it look great, but the shape makes it easier to pour and more ergonomic. You can use it daily for tea or even cooking soups, gravies, and jams—it's very versatile.

4. Artisan Hybrid Dosa Tawa

If you make dosas and want a tawa that can withstand lots of use, this one has a textured nonstick coating that avoids scratches from spatulas and knives. So, it's much more durable than typical dosa tawas. And you don't have to worry about food sticking.

5. Blacksmith Hybrid Grillpan

This grill pan is made of fancy enamelled cast iron, making it durable and easy to clean. No seasoning is required! It has ridges to give you grill marks on meat and veggies and pour spouts on both sides so sauces and grease don't drip everywhere when you dump it out.

6. Xpress Cooker Baby

This is a small pressure cooker that's just the right size for cooking smaller portions or for two people. It has many safety features, so you don't have to worry about it exploding.

7. Xpress Cooker Pan

This pan-shaped model is made for you if you need a pressure cooker that can pull double duty for sautéing, stir-frying, etc. The flat bottom and open shape let you brown meat and veggies like in a skillet before closing it up to pressure cook.

Why Choose Stahl Kitchens to buy cookware products

Here are some key reasons to choose Stahl Kitchens when buying cookware:

1. Fast Shipping - Stahl Kitchens understands the excitement of getting your hands on a new state-of-the-art cookware set. They offer express shipping that delivers your order right to your doorstep within just 1-2 business days after purchase. This ultra-fast service allows you to upgrade old pots and pans and begin using your new cookware without any long waits or delays.

2. Warranty Protection - Spending good money on a kadhai of a complete cookware set is a vital kitchen investment. Keeping that in mind, Stahl Kitchens equips all of their expertly crafted pots and pans with manufacturer's warranties. If any damage or defects occur during normal use throughout the warranty period, they've got you covered. This gives you confidence and peace of mind that you're buying long-lasting quality.

Best Selling Products Price Range

Cookware Price
Steel Kadhai - Triply Artisan Series Rs. 2,064.00
Kadhai - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series Rs. 2,958.00
Tasla Kadhai with Lid - Triply Artisan Hybrid Series From Rs. 1,744.00
Steel Frypan - Triply Artisan Series Rs. 2,349.00
Frypan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Plus Series From Rs. 2,618.00
Grill Pan - Cast Iron Blacksmith Hybrid Series Rs. 3,808.00
Xpress Cooker - Belly / Handi Rs. 3,553.00