Xpress Cooker- Pan

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India's Only BIS Certified Triply Pan Cooker!

Are you looking for a cooker to do a little more than just pressure cooking? A pan cooker is a great option if you are looking for versatility! You can temper, sauté, stir-fry conveniently in this pan-shaped Xpress Cooker. Its pan shape makes it extremely multi-faceted and talented at almost any type of cooking in your kitchen. 

Safest and Fastest Pan Cooker on the Market

The SS304 layer of this pan pressure cooker is the safest for cooking food, while the middle layer ensures even heat distribution and super fast cooking while retaining taste and nutrition in food. Your food has 0% contact with Aluminum. 

This pressure cooker has been tested at six times the pressure that it is built to handle. It reaches you after over 18 stringent quality tests. This pan pressure cooker comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Proudly Made in India!

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