Cooker Duo (3L & 5L)

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Two sizes, two different lids. Multifunctional. That’s our Cooker Duo.
Made with triply and designed to be safe, these cookers come with a resettable safety valve that can simply be pushed back in with a pin.
The glass lid extends their role to the dining table. So once you cook in them, you can serve in them too. From your heart to their homes, the Cooker Duo even makes for the perfect gift.

About this item:

Two sizes in one box - Get a 3 litre and 5 litre cooker to adapt to your different cooking needs.

Two different lids - The Cooker Duo comes with one pressure cooker lid that fits both pans and a glass lid, so you can cook on an open flame or serve in it too.

Made with triply - Get the stainless steel triply advantage for even heating, easy cleaning and long lasting.

Resettable safety valve - Comes with an additional safety valve that is easily reset by pushing the pin back into the valve.