Homemade Chocolate Twix

Today our Chef Nidhi tried Homemade Version of Twix Chocolate.  

This chocolate recipe is very easy can be made at home without an oven. All you need is Stahl’s pressure cooker to create this amazing sweet whicht has has 2 layers filling…one crunchy cookie and second one caramel  

The recipe is made in  @StahlKitchens  Xpress pressure cooker. NO OVEN, NO WORRIES  


For Cookie Dough  

100gm Plain Flour  

50gm Butter  

1 tbsp Icing Sugar  

For Baking  

First Preheat the Cooker without whistle for 10-12 minutes on medium flame with some salt  

Place a stand Then Bake the Crunchy Cookie for 10-15 minutes on low flame  

For Caramel  

1 cup Sugar  

1 tbsp Butter 

 2 tbsp Fresh Cream  

To know more, watch the full recipe :) Happy Cooking!  

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