Easy Peasy Pressure Cooker Khandavi

Making Khandvi has never been easier !!!! All you need is a pressure cooker.  

According to Chef Neha, her Mom swears by this method & she couldn’t agree it is better than anything. 
No continous stirring 
No Fail & no need to test again and again 
Chef used @stahl_india ‘s Xpress tall cooker which is a stainless steel triply cooker that is durable & reliable. 
Ingredients - 
1 cup Besan 
2 + 1/4 cup Chaas / Buttermilk (Take a sour one) 
1/2 tsp Turmeric 
1 tsp Sugar 
1/4 tsp Hing 
1 Green Chilli 
1 Slice Of Ginger 
Blend everything to make a thin batter & then strain it. 
Some Coconut 
Chopped Coriander 
For Tadka - 
2 tsp Oil 
1 tsp Mustard Seeds 
1 tsp Sesame Seeds 
Cook upto 5 to 6 whistles on medium flame. 
🌟 Vishesh Tippani 
- The first whistle has to be on high flame & rest all on medium flame. 
- Make sure you are very quick and alert. Once the cooker is turns off, wait for the pressure to be naturally released but for not toooo long. This mixture cannot be cold. 
- Whisk it really well to make it lump free & spread it quickly. 
- In case when you open - you see 2 colour batter in the bowl - Whisk it well , cover it & cook it for another 1 to 2 whistles and proceed. It is important for the batter to br uniformly coloured in the bowl. 


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