Non Stick Frypan - Triply Artisan Nevrstick Series

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This Non-Stick Frypan is your Saviour in the Kitchen!


The Stahl NevrStick Frypan series is a big leap forward from the non-stick cooking experience that you have been used to. It’s a non-stick experience that has been keenly designed for superior results. It challenges everything you know, have heard about or experienced with non-stick cookware. 

Made of the finest Greblon Coating in the World, this frypan is 100% PFOA free. It can be used for baking, shallow frying, sautéing too. This product does not need to be seasoned before use.  

What made this non-stick frypan the best? It is made of triply material that promotes even heat distribution for fast, healthy, hassle-free cooking. Your food comes in 0% contact with Aluminium. 

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Proudly Made in India!

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